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  • Oct 28, 2018 Fixed! Mac Extremely Slow After Mojave macOS 10.14 Update After working with 6 Apple Support Agents totaling over 10 hours, my Mac if finally operational again. Previous video showing exactly how.
  • Jun 08, 2018  A software update usually comes with performance improvements. However, a number of Mac users claim that they are experiencing slowdowns after updating to macOS Mojave. To fix it, you first need to update all of your apps, then check if an app is acting weird on your Mac. Now just simply restart your Mac.
  • With a bit of luck, your unsaved word document should be in there. The Mac Terminal is one of the best features of Mac OS that helps users recover their lost files. The upcoming Mojave OS will include this crucial option that should save your progress in a document and retrieve it even if your file was frozen and you had to close the application.
  • Source: StatCounter Global Stats - macOS Version Market Share It may be that many Mac users are using older Macs that can't run Mojave. There were a number of Macs from around 2009 and 2010 that.

Sep 26, 2018  Update: A fix to the problem is available, as detailed below. Creators who are looking to update to new Mac operating system macOS 10.14 Mojave beware, for the new software is causing issues when running Photoshop - or trying to run Photoshop, that is, for older versions of the program are likely not to load when using the new OS.

“My Mac is running slow after the Mojave update and I am completely stuck with it. I’ve tried many steps listed on the threads but nothing works for me. Any suggestions?

Mac is one of the best devices which was introduced by Apple. A lot of people use it on a daily basis to carry out their day to day tasks. Macbook proves to be very useful for both the official as well as the other activities. The features of this Apple device are so interesting that it is definitely a crowd pleaser. However, there are many issues related to this device as well. Like the problem mentioned above, Macbook runs slow more than often and users get frustrated with this lag in the performance of the device. Due to this problem, several operations get delayed which may be crucial for you or your work. Is your Mac running slow too? This article will detail some of the best ways in which this issue can be fixed in the most convenient way.

Part 1: Why is My Mac So Slow? Here Are the Reasons

Are you wondering why my Mac is running slow? There may be plenty of reasons, both technical as well as functional, which may be causing your Macbook to run slower than usual. Here are a few common reasons why this issue may be cropping up.

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  • You may be having a resource-heavy application which may be running in the background and making your Macbook slow.
  • Your hard disk might be getting full and there may not be enough space in it.
  • You have not upgraded your hardware in a long time and now you may be in dire need of doing it.
  • The software on your Apple Macbook may be outdated.
  • There may be too many Mac startup items too.

This article will also talk about how can fix the problems which are causing the issue of Macbook running slow easily. Just read on.

Part 2: All-in-one Tool to Effectively Fix Mac Running Slow Issue

Reasons for your Mac slowing down can be plenty, but there is a convenient way to solve this and make your Mac function normally again. That is using Mac clean apps, and Umate Mac Cleaner is the best tool to tackle all the issues related to your Mac getting slower and make it function in the normal speed again. It can effectively clean up the junk in your system and speed up your Macbook by disabling startup items, lauch agents and high CPU apps to make your Macbook much more efficient in its performance.

What can you do with Umate Mac Cleaner

Mac Slow Performance

  • Completely remove all the useless or large files.
  • Disable automatically-launched startup items on Mac.
  • Deactivate the heavy consumers which occupy CPU usage and memory.
  • Remove secret launch agents that eat up the disk space.
  • Erase all the user traces and personal caches.
  • Detect and further remove 3rd party apps and add-ons.

In a word, if you are looking for a simple and trouble-free method to fix Mac running slow issue, Umate Mac Cleaner is a pretty good solution. It's more professional, secure and time-saving compared to manual operations. We would highly recommend Mac beginners to try it out. Sometimes a wrong deletion can cause your Mac to malfunction, but this problem will never happen using Umate Mac Cleaner. All the detected files are 100% safe to be deleted.

Umate Mac CleanerEasy of UsePriceCompatibilityPerformance Comparison
Editor's WordsVery easy to use. Most of the operations can be done in 1 click. The interface is very intuitive too.This app is medium-priced compared with other similar Mac optimization apps on the market. Wide compatibility from latest Mac 10.10 and latest 10.14 Mojave. This app works well on iMac, Macbook Pro/Air.The Mac runs 2x faster in performance during our test.

You can effectively use this great tool to clear up junk and manage the unwanted files on your Mac system to improve the system efficiency and its performance. Now follow the steps below to know how you can install it.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your Mac system. Currently the app is under development but it will come soon.

Step 2: Launch the program and select the features you need, like Speed Up Your Mac.

Step 3: This app will begin to scanning your Mac. After that, proceed to the further cleaning or optimizing steps according to the on-screen instruction.

Therefore you go. With 3 simple steps, your Mac will run fast like a new. With this effective app, you will never experience Mac getting slower issue.

Part 3: 10 Quick Tips to Speed Up Slow Mac

There are some useful tips that can be used to speed up your Mac, too. And these are mentioned below. You may need to try each one to get Mac slowdown problem successfully resolved.

Tip 1. Use Activity Monitor

There is a very useful build-in utility in macOS, which is called Activity Monitor. It can help you to view the CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network of every program. Then you can troubleshoot your Mac by using this utility to clear up those resource-heavy apps running in the background. Here's what to do:

  1. Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  2. Then click the top five tabs to check what apps are taking up large resource on your Mac.
  3. Force those resource-heavy apps to quit.

Tip 2. Clean Up Caches

Cache is generated when system, browser or an app performs tasks, and they will be pile up over time. These useless cache files are just occupying the disk space and slowing down your Mac. In order to make your Mac back to life again, cleaning up old caches is a must thing to do.

Caches on Mac includes system cache, user cache, app cache, DNS cache and browser cache. You can get rid of them on your Macbook one by one or all together by navigating to Finder > Go > Library > Hold “Option” key > Library and select the items and click on “Move to Trash”.

When it comes to caches like system cache, app cache or browser cache, Umate Mac Cleaner also has the ability to get rid of them easily and completely without any remaining traces.

Tip 3. Store in iCloud

Using 'Store in iCloud' utility, you can store all the media files and documents on cloud and free up space on the hard disk. More available storage can help your Mac run smoothly.

  1. Go to About This Mac > Store in iCloud.
  2. Then click on Store in iCloud button on the right side again to activate the feature.

Tip 4. Optimize Storage

Auto tune gsnap not working free. 'Optimize Storage” option on macOS can also help make more room on your Mac. With this feature, you can delete all the TV shows and movies, which are downloaded from iTunes, from the system which you have already seen.

  1. Go to About This Mac > Optimize Storage.
  2. Click on Optimize.. on the right side of Optimize Storage section.
  3. Click on Optimize again in the next window to confirm that you want to those TV shows and movies.

Tip 5. Empty Trash Automatically

As the name suggests this feature will empty the trash on your Mac automatically and delete those files that are more than 30 days in the Trash Bin. In this way, you will be able to free up more disk space simply.

  1. Go to About This Mac > Empty Trash Automatically.
  2. Click Turn On button on the right side to delete those files that are more than 30 days on the Trash Bin.

Tip 6. Reduce Clutter

Using the “Reduce Clutter” option can find the biggest files stored on your Mac system and delete them to generate more space.

  1. Go to About This Mac > Reduce Clutter.
  2. Click Review Files button on the right side to check the files and decide which ones to be removed.

Tip 7. Uninstall Memory-Hogging Applications

If you find some infrequently used apps are taking up too much space or memory on your slow Mac, you can remove them easily to reclaim more storage. That is also a definitely effective way to fix the slowdown issues on the Mac.

  1. Go to Finder > Go > Applications.
  2. Then you will see all apps on the Mac are organized by size.
  3. Delete the apps which have been taking up too much space by clicking on “Move to Trash”.

Tip 8. Manage Login Items

Login Items like apps or add-ons launch every time when you turn on the Mac, which will decrease the running speed of the device. So managing those startup items helps a lot to imporve your Mac's speed and performance. Below are the steps to manage login items manually.

  1. From Settings, go to Users and Groups > Current User > Login Items.
  2. Select the item which you wish to remove and click on the “-” icon.

Or you can use Umate Mac Cleaner to disable unwanted login items efficiently. The app can automatically detect and show all the startup items on your Mac, and allow you to manage them within 1 click.

Tip 9.Update Your Mac System or Applications


Sometimes the outdated applications or Mac system are also one of the reasons for a slowdown Mac. So, just go to the Mac App Store and update your Mac system and any other applications on your system which may be outdated.

Why Is My Mac Slow

Tip 10. Upgrade Internal Hardware on Mac

Upgrading the internal hardware of your Mac system can significantly improve its speed and performance. In order to get this done, you can add more RAM on the Mac or upgrade the hard disk with a new solid-state drive.


The warranty will invalidate if you upgrade the internal hardware on Mac, but if you're not worried about that, then do it.

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Mac running slow can be a very annoying problem and if you are stuck in between tight deadlines and work, this can prove to be very crucial. Although the above metioned tips are very useful, they are not highly effective in solving the issue of your Mac running slow after update. Also, manual management of the files on your Mac system makes the process very time-consuming. Instead, you can use Umate Mac Cleaner which can perform the same tasks all at once in very less time. It is very efficient in providing satisfactory results in the performance of your Mac system and therefore is highly recommended for every Mac users.