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Coverted.WMV file to my Mac OS 10X.MOV This is a free app. I converted three.WMV files so I can run them on my Macbook Pro OS X. This software gives you a ton of choices on the type of conversion you want. I convert to.MOV I found under All Profiles. The software converted the three files in seconds, for each file. Each Mac OS X version has a different version of QT embedded structure, and each one only supports playing a small number of video & audio codecs to be compatible with that operating system. In Mac OS X v10.6 and newer, since the QuickTime X (QT Player v10.x) AVFoundation playback structure no longer posses an open codec architecture for 3rd. Finally, a note for Mac OS users. If you want to play back Windows Media-only content in InqScribe on Mac OS, you need to get the (free) Flip4Mac WMV codec for QuickTime. OS X User Guide (see Windows) Windows User Guide (see OS X) ← 2.3 Resizing Media ↑ Table of Contents. K-Lite Codec for Mac: free OS X Quicktime codec pack (Sierra) supported; DAV Converter: Convert.DAV file to AVI,MP4,WMV,MP3 to play on PC/Mac; iOS 8/7 Recover Videos,Photos,Contacts iPad/iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/6/plus; Fix iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C/6 plus/6S/7 in Recovery Mode Upgrading to iOS 10/9/8/7.

It's a common situation that when dragging your WMV files either downloaded from Internet or shared from others who have PCs to QuickTime for playback or other reasons, you'll be informed WMV is not in a format that QuickTime player understands.

Yes, QuickTime only natively supports a few video codecs such as H.264 and MPEG-4, which WMV files aren't encoded with. Of course, you might also use codec components to extend QuickTime to import or play a variety of additional media formats such as WMV. However, you need to pay about $29.00 for WMV playback in QuickTime, but no WMV management with iTunes, and no sync to iPad etc.

Here, I strongly recommend you another way. Just convert WMV to QuickTime using a powerful yet easy-to-use tool: Wondershare Video Converter for Mac. It not only gives you the ability to handle WMV to QuickTime conversion, but also convert WMV to more popular formats with ease and efficiency so that you can make full use of WMV.

With the help of this WMV to QuickTime converter, you don't have to be a Pro about hard-to-understand video codec knowledge. For Mac users, just follow this step-by-step tutorial here to accomplish WMV to QuickTime conversion on any Mac running Mountain Lion, Lion etc.

Convert Wmv Files On Mac

Step 1. Import WMV files to this WMV to QuickTime converter Mac

After installing and running this WMV to QuickTime Video Converter for Mac, you need to import your WMV files. This smart app gives you two different options to do this. You can choose any one.

Another useful feature is called ‘one-click tuning’ which allows you to cater your experience depending on productivity, games, design, software testing or even app development. As we’ve mentioned as well, it helps you find and download the installer file. It has a one-click install, and then you can connect to your Parallel’s Virtual Desktop over the internet. This means if you have very little knowledge about Virtual Machines you can still use it. Lightweight macos for virtualbox windows 10. It is effortless to use and perfect for newbie’s.

  • 1.Go to 'File'> 'Load Media Files' to load the WMV files.
  • 2.Directly drag one or more WMV files to this program.

Step 2. Choose an output format


As all know, QuickTime Movies is mainly in MOV format. So here, we can select MOV as the output format. Open the format pop-up list and choose MOV in 'Video' option. Of course, you can also set video Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate and Code etc. by clicking 'Settings'.

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Wmv Codec For Quicktime

Note: If you want to edit your videos before conversion, you can make full use of this app's amazing editing function.

Trimming: Setting the start and end time, you can trim any your wanted video clip. Cropping: Drag the rectangular window to select your wanted video area. Video Adjustment: Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Volume. Even make your video more personalized by adding effect like Gray, Old Film etc.

Wmv Codec For Quicktime Mac Os X Download

Step 3. Start WMV to QuickTime Mac conversion

Wmv Codec For Mac

When everything is done, you just need to hit 'Convert' to convert WMV to QuickTime Mac (Mountain Lion, Lion included). After the conversion, you'll be surprised to find that you can drag the output files to QuickTime for playback without any trouble.