What Auto Tune Do Rappers Use

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lil wayne,kanye west,dj webstar,young berg,50 cent,tony

yayo.those are the first people that come to mind but other rappers

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Oct 13, 2018  That album marked the transition for rap into the era of “Auto-Tune saturation” and T-Pain was there to lead the charge. There’s little dispute in calling him the King of Auto-Tune, but that doesn’t fully capture his relationship to the technology.

have used it too.

Voice Autotune Free Download

Besides jay-z most all rappers use it and most bands use it p.s

What kind of autotune do rappers use

in 2012 evey one will use auto-tune its what they meant by the

world will end

Added - Eminem used it on Bagpipes From Baghdad, and yes, Jay-Z

used auto tune once, on the same c.d. as his song death of auto

What Autotune Plugin Do Rappers Use

tune. On To The Next ft. Swizz Beats, everyone should listen to

Rappers Who Use Autotune

that before they keepin droppin the 'jay will never use it'