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Freeware goodness in sight! Behold the Venom VB-303, a software synthesizer inspired by the famous Roland TB-303 bass synth. This plugin, currently being developed by the KVR Forum member antto, follows the sequencer based workflow of Roland’s silver synth, so don’t expect anything else than working with patterns here. And that’s exactly the way it should be, old school for the win. Besides that, it is amazing that a plugin which sounds and looks so good can be released as freeware!

Keep in mind that the software is still released as Beta, and that the developer suggests you don’t use it in any important projects before the final version comes out, because it won’t be compatible with the current release. For the same reasons, I won’t review the plugin just yet, this article is just a heads up for everyone to be aware of the beast that’s coming their way.

Anton Lyubenov Savov has announced the release of Venom VB-303, a free acid bassline VST instrument inspired by the famous Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. Apr 27, 2013 Venom VB-303 is a free software synth that simulates the iconic sound of the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. It’s Windows only – so Mac users are out of luck. It’s available for download here. Anton Lyubenov Savov – Venom VB-303 Free VST Plugin. Anton Lyubenov Savov announced on KVR Audio Forums the release of Venom VB-303, a Roland TB-303 Emulation VST plugin. This is a free vst for Windows. Venom VB-303 is an approximation of the classic 303 Bass Line synthesizer. The recommended way to use the VB-303 is via the internal Sequencer. Venom VB-303 is inspired by the classic Roland 303 Bass Line synthesizer. The VB-303 Synthesizer has a very simple single-voice structure. The Sequencer controls the synthesizer using 3 signals: Gate / Pitch / Accent. It's possible to bypass the pattern sequencer and use the VB-303 as a monophonic synthesizer.

Venom VB-303 by antto.

Make sure you read the manual before using the plugin, so that you get familiar with the way it’s supposed to be used. Not that the workflow is complicated or anything, but it’s pattern based and probably not everyone will find it self-explanatory. Also, don’t forget to protect your face before testing the plugin. It will easily attract you with it’s gorgeus looks and then suddenly start spitting the very devil’s acid venom all over your studio. Word.

Video Demo

Check out the Venom VB-303 video demo by Atomsphere22:


Download & Info (official KVR thread):click here
Docs/Manual (by xybre):click here

The Roland TB-303 ! the legendary Transistor Bass synthesizer by Roland.
Created to emulate bass sound and used by nearly nobody until someone saw the light : “hey, listen what happens when i turn these knobs!!” turn up the res to the max ! yeah ! aciiiiiiiiiid
Back to the Chicago House, Acid House, Belgian New Beat, then Acid Techno, Acid Trance and every electronic music genre.

Now let list some free TB303 software emulations :

1. Rebirth RB-338 by Propellerhead (Standalone)

Rebirth RB-303, free ! aciid

Information and download : http://www.rebirthmuseum.com/

Rebirth was one of the first TB303 software emulation, in 1997!
And it’s free since 2005.
Rebirth is more than a TB303 emulator ; you have two TB303, and TR909 + TR808 drum machine emulations + onboard effects . The software is old, and it still sounds incredible.

As it’s a standalone application, you have to use rewire for sync with your sequencer. Useful informations about sync etc. can be found here : http://www.rebirthmuseum.com/support/support2.htm

Installing Rebirth 338 on Windows 7 may require more steps, you have to download the old winhelp32 to get Rebirth work on Windows 7. Here’s a blog post with all the link you need :
The rebirth ISO torrent, the Win7 installer and the link to the win32help :

2. RubberDuck by D-Lusion (Standalone)

Download for free ! => http://www.d-lusion.com/ProductsRubberduck.html

This one is even older than Rebirth 338. The sequencer has been simplified, compared to a real 303, and it’s a great gain of time when programming patterns!
There are also onboard effects : a simple but effective delay, and a distorsion unit for getting this squelchy acid sound.
The RubberDuck software is MIDI sync’able, Of course you can record as wav the output of the synth.

3. Creakbox BadBoyz edition (VST)

Creakbox Bad Boys edition

download : Creakbox Bad Boys Edition


The Creakbox VST by Bioroid development was stopped and gone open source in 2004!
The “bad boys” edition adds an effect section with delay & multi distorsion unit : analog drive, rectifier, bit reducer etc. + different filter modes : hipass, bandpass, bandstop, 18 or24 dB / octave.
The sound is good, but unfortunately the sequencer has some bugs in many VST hosts

Venom Vb 303 Vst Download Mac

acid trance !


4. Venom VB-303 by Antto (VST)

More about and download here : http://antonsavov.net/cms/projects/venom-vb-303.html

This one is the newest : it’s a VST plugin made with Synthedit. It sounds very good and should work nice in all 32 bits VST hosts.

Acid house!


5. FreeBee (workname Lush) standalone

FreeBee 303

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Info and download : archive + dl

The Audiorealism bassline ancestor !
This standalone application sounds very good, you can record as wav

Traktor s2 mk3 manual. They’re very similar to Pioneer DJ’s Sound Color FX.On the S2, these FX are pre-assigned and not customizable – designed to sound good no matter what you do with them.

mellow acid !


6. survey : do you need a free Creakbox VST 64 bit port ?

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Venom Vb-303 Vst Free Download

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Venom Vb 303 Vst Download Free

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Venom Vb 303 Vst Download Mac

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