Using Maschine Mk2 With Traktor Pro 2 261 Tsi

Using Maschine Mk2 With Traktor Pro 2 261 Tsi Average ratng: 9,8/10 6010 votes
Hello Maschine Users out there,
This is my first 'complex' mapping for Maschine Mikro.

Aug 06, 2012 Midi Mapping in Traktor With so many options available to us for control methods of Traktor, I can imagine that unless you are using the standard controllers with the included standard tsi files, then there isn’t 2 people out there with the exact same controller settings. Jun 26, 2013  Native Instruments has pushed the latest update to Traktor Pro 2 today, version 2.6.2. The new version offers a host of improvements, most notably the ability to directly map Remix Deck cells – and to have the advanced controls that were previously only available to Kontrol F1 users like Reverse, Quantize, Cell Load, and Cell. Gilbot's Apc 40 Mk2 Mapping 4 Decks with Fx, Cues, Remix Decks and much more. Gilbot's Apc 40 Mk2 Mapping 4 Decks with Fx, Cues and much more. Duo, Scratch Duo, Pro, Scratch Pro - Version 2.9 Gilbot's Apc 40 Mk2 Mapping 4 Decks with Fx, Cues and much more.

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With this Mapping you can use all 64 Slots from the Remix Deck C.
-Control Remix Deck C
->all 4 Pages
-mute Slots
-visual Feedback which Sample is playing
-waiting pads blink
-use Note Repeat for Remix Deck
1. Download the File
2. Unzip it
3. Open Controller Editor. Than choose the Maschine Mikro MK1 or MK2 in the controller-menu. Than click on File -> Open Template and choose the Remix Decks MK1.ncmm file for Maschine Mikro MK1 or Remix Decks MK2.ncmm2 for Maschine Mikro MK2
4. Open Traktor (2.6.2 or higher) and hit the Setting Button. At the bottom of the Windows is an 'Import Button'. Press it and Import the Maschine Mikro Remix Decks.tsi file. Than go to 'Controller Manager, choose the mapping and check if the In and Out-Port is set to your Maschine Mikro!
5. Go to 'Decks Layout' and choose for Deck C a Remix Deck.
6. Go to Group B on Maschine
7. Have fun with the Mapping! :)
-Version 0.1.0-
-Remix Deck available for Deck C
-Version 0.1.1-
-added Maschine Mikro MK1 Support

Traktor Pro 2 Demo

-Version 0.1.2-
-Use the Note Repeat Button for your Remix Decks and change the Loopsize with the Encoder
-Browse button and Encoderpush for entering Browsemode
-scroll through your Library using the Encoder
-open Folders in Browse Mode with 'Main' or respectively 'Enter' on MK1
-added Hotcues 1-8 for Deck A&B on Page 1

To Do ListTraktor
-Remix Deck Support for Deck D
-Control more Options like Save, load/unload, change trigger type and more :)
If you notice a bug, please report it to me in the Comments - I will try to fix them.

Traktor Pro 2 Download

Knowing Bugs
Tap 2 Pads to trigger them before one of them starts to play
Result: One Pad doesn't stop blinking until you press it.With

Using Maschine Mk2 With Traktor Pro 2 261 Tsi For Sale

I don't know how to fix that - the Cell is always in 'Waiting Mode'