Undefined Reference To Winmain In Dev C++

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But in the end my compiler comes with a lot of errors, all of them is:
[Linker error] undefined reference to `Something'
basically any command in the source code (Any SDL commands that is).
I have read in other threads, that it's because i have forgotten to include the library, but i think i have.
I'm using the dev-c++ compiler.
I went into the: Tools fan, and then chose: compiler options.
Then i chose Directories.
After that i went to the: 'Directories' fan.
In here, there are three deifferend things i can include:
Binaries, Libraries, C includes and C++ includes.
I didn't include anything in binaries, since i couldn't find any SDL binaries.
I included the directory called: 'Lib', as the SDL library.
I included the directory called: 'Include' as both the C includes and the C++ includes, since i didn't know which of them it was supposed to be included as.
SDL, needs to be installed, and as so, it get's a stand alone directory, in C:/Program files/SDL (Or whereever you choose to locate it), the directorires i refer to, that i included, are all directories located in that directory.
So it seems, to me, like i included about everything, that's supposed to be included.
It should be said that i'm learning C++. so i'm a n00b at this. I'm new to both the langauge and the compiler, though i have programmed in another langauge, for pretty some while.
But since i'm new, i would ask you to now assume that i can anything, cause i realy can't. So please help me, step by step, i haven't even made the source code. It's from my stipendium.
O, and please tell me why i have to do what i have to do. I don't just wanna know how to fix it, i also wanna know why i'm fixing it the way i am, since i'm learning the langauge, i would also like to learn from this mistake ^^
i would also like to know how to correct the error, from the title. ([Linker error] undefined reference to `[email protected]') i have came to the understanding, that, that specific error has another way to be corrected, than the rest.

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Jan Mura napsal(a): function. There is no main neither WinMain. I don't use windows.h, Win components or anything like that. If there is no main or WinMain you can only compile it (Ctrl+F9) but not run.


C++ Undefined Reference To Main

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>[Linker error] undefined reference to `[email protected]'
You've created a project that's being built as a Win32 application. Those guys use WinMain instead of main as the entry point. If you want a regular C++ program, you have to choose the correct project type (which would be a console project of some sort) or build it yourself manually from the command line.