Un Auto Tuned Toxic

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Un Auto Tuned Toxic

Un Auto Tuned Toxicology

Un auto tuned toxic car

Un Auto Tuned Toxic Car

All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats. Allegro dev c tutorials youtube.

Sound EffectListenLicense
Fart Squeeze KneesAttribution 3.0
Common FartAttribution 3.0
Flush Toilet 2Attribution 3.0
Silly FartsAttribution 3.0
Toilet FlushingPublic Domain
Blowing A RaspberryPublic Domain
Iguana Farts In A BathtubPersonal Use Only
Wont Start FartAttribution 3.0
I FartedAttribution 3.0
Random Son TalkAttribution 3.0
Bean FartPublic Domain
Bir Poop SplatAttribution 3.0
Groan And GruntAttribution 3.0
Quick FartAttribution 3.0
Oopsy Daisy FartAttribution 3.0
GroanAttribution 3.0
Wet FartAttribution 3.0
Drive By FartingAttribution 3.0
Fart NoisesAttribution 3.0
String Cheese FartAttribution 3.0
FartAttribution 3.0
Lawn Mower FartAttribution 3.0
Bronx CheerSampling Plus 1.0
Trumpet FartAttribution 3.0
Rigid FartAttribution 3.0
Squish FartSampling Plus 1.0
Uh Oh FartAttribution 3.0
Fart StrainAttribution 3.0
Motor Bike FartAttribution 3.0
Long FartAttribution 3.0
Sharp FartAttribution 3.0
Girls FartingAttribution 3.0
Funny Fart TrailAttribution 3.0
King FarthurAttribution 3.0
Fart Short RipperAttribution 3.0
Real Messy FartAttribution 3.0
Guy Farts While Watching TvPersonal Use Only
Wet Fart SquishPersonal Use Only
Fart Reverberating BathroomPersonal Use Only
Quick An Small FartAttribution 3.0
Girl FartAttribution 3.0
Just Another FartPersonal Use Only
Another FartPersonal Use Only
Person FartingPersonal Use Only
Person FartingPersonal Use Only
Sound EffectListenLicense

Free Auto Tuned Vocals

A recording of Britney Spears singing 'Toxic' without auto-tune proves she is a talented singer. Auto-tune is a device used to alter pitch and fix parts of songs that are off-key. The vocals in the version without auto-tune are very similar to the vocals in the version with auto-tune.