Uad Auto Tune Realtime Advanced

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For a limited time, customers have the chance to get platinum-approved vocal plug-ins, free, when purchasing any new Apollo Twin or Arrow audio interface — up to a $846 value

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • April 03, 2019 — Now through June 30th, 2019, customers who buy and register any new Apollo Twin MkII, Apollo Twin USB, or Arrow audio interface are eligible to receive free UAD plug-ins from Antares, Manley, and UA as part of the UA Platinum Vocal Promo.
The Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced, Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip, and UA Pure Plate Reverb and Oxide Tape Recorder plug-ins give music creators professional tools for polished vocal tracks in any genre — and they’re only available on the UAD platform.

Realtime Access This is a free promotional plug-in included with select UA Audio Interfaces. To learn about the full version of the plug-in, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced, click here. The latest version of the Antares Auto-Tune plug-in, free with UA's UAD 9.8 update. Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced doesn’t need much explanation; as the name suggests, it’s the latest version of Antares’ classic plug-in, usable in real time with low latency. The Diezel Herbert amplifier plug-in, free with UA's UAD 9.8 update. Auto tune download for logic pc.

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The Apollo Twin MkII desktop recording interface delivers enhanced audio conversion with the tone, feel, and flow of analog recording. This 2x6 Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac and Windows features available onboard UAD-2 QUAD, DUO, or SOLO Core DSP processing, Unison™ technology, and the next-generation A/D and D/A conversion you’ve heard on hundreds of hit records.
Arrow is a compact, bus-powered 2x4 interface featuring esteemed UA conversion derived from UA’s flagship Apollo interface range, to sonically outperform anything in its class. With its Unison technology and built-in UAD-2 SOLO Core processor, you can record through classic audio tools including the 610 Tube Preamp, LA-2A and 1176 compressors, and more at near-zero latency.

Buy an Apollo Twin MkII QUAD & Get:

  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip
  • Oxide Tape Recorder
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • A $846 Value

Buy an Apollo Twin MkII DUO or Apollo Twin USB & Get:

Uad Auto Tune Realtime Download

  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • A $697 value
Uad Auto Tune Realtime Advanced

Uad Autotune Advanced

Buy an Apollo Twin SOLO & Get:

  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • Pure Plate Reverb
  • A $398 value

Autotune Uad

Buy an Arrow & Get

  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • A $299 value


Learn more about producing with UAD gear: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=category/audio/topic/universalaudio

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I have and love many of the UAD plugs (including the uad original auto-tune), but I'm struggling to understand exactly what is improved in the 'new' auto-tune. (Maybe that's useful feedback for the marketing team).
Does the newest version now have what people in reviews say is missing? (graphic mode, formant, etc.)
Does the newest version pitch-correct 'better' (more naturally? more realistically?)
Does 'improved workflow' mean simply cosmetic ui changes?
Since there doesn't appear to be an exact one-to-one match with the versions listed on Antares own site to answer it that way either..
Enlighten me?