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Apple's macOS High Sierra (aka macOS 10.13) is the newest version of Apple's Mac and MacBook operating system. It launched on 25 September 2017 bringing new core technologies, including an. Jun 19, 2017  Step 1: Download macOS High Sierra from the Mac App Store. The first step to create your own bootable macOS High Sierra USB installer is to download the app-based installer Apple provides via the Mac App Store. For the current beta, users will find High Sierra in their Purchased tab after registering their Mac.

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Each time a new operating system arrives, there comes an ubiquitous head-to-head battle: is the new one any better than previous one? Is upgrading worth the effort?

Today we’re going to answer these questions (and a few more) in regards to the new macOS 10.13 High Sierra and its older twin, macOS Sierra. We’ll drill into new features that are worth upgrading as well as downsides if you decide to install macOS High Sierra Beta. At the same time, we’ll have a closer look at regular Sierra version, which may just be strong enough to stick to many Mac users’ preferences.

So, let’s put all cards on the table and go for an unbiased macOS High Sierra vs macOS Sierra comparison. After a bit of fact-checking, we’ll leave it to you whether or not to upgrade to macOS High Sierra Beta.

How to create a bootable macOS High Sierra installer drive Put the macOS High Sierra installer on an external USB thumb drive or hard drive and use it to install the operating system on a Mac. Oct 24, 2019  For the strongest security and latest features, find out whether you can upgrade to macOS Catalina, the latest version of the Mac operating system. If you still need macOS Sierra, use this link: Download macOS Sierra. A file named InstallOS.dmg will download to your Mac.

Reasons you should upgrade to macOS High Sierra Beta

The macOS 10.13 High Sierra packs a bunch of new features that promise more capabilities for gaming, virtual and augmented reality. Then, there’s a series of small refinements that capitalize on a better, faster and more powerful UI. Here’s why you should probably upgrade to macOS High Sierra.

A better file system

One of the main arguments for the macOS High Sierra is, undoubtedly, the improved file system, which has received a significant speed boost. The new APFS (Apple File System), as it is now called, completely reorganizes how data is stored and processed, making it easy for users to copy files faster. For instance, the new copying algorithm allows to send a file to a new location, without storing both copies on drive. The Time Machine has got more flexible and now requires less drive space to operate. From now on your files are better protected against accidental crashes, which is obviously a strong selling point.

Enhanced graphics, VR and AR in Metal 2

If you’re looking for just one reason to upgrade to macOS High Sierra Beta, this is it. Metal 2 is the improved technology wrapped around GPU settings and, basically, an accelerator for your apps. It’s really a game-changer in macOS High Sierra, leveraging powerful tools for developers that can now benefit from external GPU support.

New high-end editing tools in Photos

The Photos app has evolved with a set of new tools for easy, in-depth editing — Curves, Selective Colors — just to name a few. Amusingly enough, you can now launch external editing tools, like Photoshop, right inside Photos. More live effects and a new sidebar to organize your collections should make photo business more fun in macOS High Sierra.

HD videos that take less space

The new macOS High Sierra also introduces some great space-saving techniques, while maintaining the video quality as high as ever. High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is finally supported, which brings video compression to the next level. To put it short, your smaller size videos will look uber cool in Ultra HD.

To free up more disk space for High Sierra, clean it up with CleanMyMac X.

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Safari takes on speed

Macos high sierra download

When run on macOS High Sierra, Safari could be the fastest browser ever invented. Period. Not to mention it also got safer and a lot less annoying, by giving users more power to block their unwanted ads.

MacOS (previously known as OS X or Mac OS X) is Apple's operating system for the Mac line of computers. It's a UNIX platform, based on the Darwin kernel, and behaves largely similar to other UNIX-like platforms. To download and install Qt for macOS, follow the instructions on the Getting Started with Qt page. Supported Versions. Install qt for mac os x. Type./configure -help to get a list of all available options. Note that you will need to specify -universal if you want to build universal binaries, and also supply a path to the -sdk option if your development machine has a PowerPC CPU. By default, Qt is built as a framework, but you can built it as a set of dynamic libraries (dylibs) by specifying the -no-framework option.

Siri gets smarter

Recently named the world’s most popular voice assistant, Siri has moved one grade up in macOS High Sierra. Compared to the previous OS, it speaks in a more natural voice and can even DJ at your parties. Well, at least create your favorite playlists and answer music-related questions.

Of course, these are just cherries on top of the new macOS 10.13 High Sierra. If you’re already converted by now and can’t wait to hit the Install button, here are some sobering points that may make you change your mind.

Reasons you should stick with macOS Sierra (for now)

When analyzing the new features of macOS High Sierra, everything sounds great in theory. However, keep in mind that, for now, the download is only available to Apple Developers and is in Beta Version, which says a lot of possible issues and bugs will inevitably pop up.

What’s more, depending on how old your Mac is, it’s possible that it won’t be able to support all the improved capabilities that macOS High Sierra brings to the table. From this standpoint, if you’re not willing to risk your system to help Apple test High Sierra, you might be safer with regular macOS Sierra until the official version of macOS 10.13 High Sierra is released.

Therefore, this article will help you in identifying the best printers for Mac and it shows how you can add printer to Mac (including macOS 10.13 High Sierra). 5 Best Printers Compatible with Mac 1. HP LaserJet Pro M277dw HP LaserJet Pro M277dw is a multifunctional printer with powerful performance capabilities. It provides you with the tools. Jan 12, 2016  The Best Printers for Mac. Need to print from your MacBook or your iMac? These top-rated printers play nicely with Apple computers. And we've got some tips for printing from your iPad, too. Hp printers for mac.

Most experts agree that the current update looks less of a breakthrough, but rather a scrupulous rework under the hood. That means if you aren’t a software developer or a gamer, you might not even notice the difference.

And the last reason, 32-bit apps will no longer be supported in macOS High Sierra. It concerns quite a few apps, really, (ones that don’t have a 64-bit version) but if some of your favorites are 32-bit, you are really out of luck.

Feature Comparison

macOS Sierra

macOS High Sierra
Size on drive4.78 GB
about 3 GB


Metal (API) basic

Metal 2, perfect for gaming


H.264 compression

H.265, 40% Ultra HD


Easy photo organization, face recognition

Built-in advanced editor, more effects added

File System

HFS+, used for 20 years

APFS, faster file operation

If you are not entirely convinced about switching and yet want your Mac to run better, you can look into some simpler solutions. After all, upgrading your Mac’s OS is a big move, a die-and-reborn type — you cannot predict all possible risks. At the same time, most Macs require cleaning and optimization after some months of use, like repairing disk permissions or re-indexing Spotlight search. This way you’ll boost the performance of your current OS.

How to speed up and optimize your Mac

Final tips before switching to macOS High Sierra

  1. Backup your most important data
  2. Remove junk from system folders — CleanMyMac X will do it in just minutes
  3. Update all your apps (by clicking Check for updates…)
  4. Delete large & old files to free up drive space

The latter can be done with CleanMyMac, the most popular Mac cleaning app in the world, that finds 74 GB of junk on an average Mac. Check it out — you can download it for free and clean 500 MB of system junk free of charge.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this article. Hope it helps, folks. Stay tuned!

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MacOS is one of the most popular operating systems which is developed and market by App Inc. since 2001. It is the second most widely used OS as per Wikipedia. If you are currently using MacOS older version then I have good news that you can upgrade your old OS with MacOS high sierra for free.

MacOS High Sierra is the fourteenth release of macOS which comes with a lot of upgraded features. You can download the MacOS high sierra from the direct download link for your Mac computer, VirtualBox or Vmware.

Typestyler For Macos High Sierra 10 13 6


  1. This new upgraded version has improved the reliability of SMB printing.
  2. Bluetooth appeared as unavailable has been fixed.
  3. Added support for 70 new emojis.
  4. You can now unlock a FileVault-encrypted APFS volume using a recovery keychain file.
  5. It has improved the reliability of the Microsoft Exchange message sync.

How to download MacOS high Sierra

If you are a Mac user then you can easily download the iso installer (dmg file) from the official site of apple. click here (if you are a Mac user, else skip this).


If you are not a Mac user or you are a windows user (and want to install Sierra in VirtualBox, Vmware or any other virtual machine) then you can download the file from the below link:

Typestyler For Macos High Sierra Mac

Download MacOS High Sierra (from apple site)

How to install MacOS High Sierra on Virtual Machine

  1. First of all, download and install VirtualBox or Vmware on your computer (Windows or any other)
  2. And then download the MacOS high sierra. This file will be in zip format. And so you need to extract it by using WinRAR or any other tool.
  3. Now, Launch the Virtual machine and then “Create a new machine”. And then do the following settings:
    Name: macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    Type: Mac OS X
    Version: macOS 10.13 or 10.12
    Memory size: 3GB to 6GB ( 65% of your Ram)
    Virtual disk file: macOS high Sierra 10.13.vmdk
  4. And now, you have to select “Use an exsting virtual hard disk file” and Open “macOS high Sierra 10.13.vmdk” File.
  5. And then follow the wizard.
  6. That’s it.
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