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Unlike traditional transient shapers, Smack Attack lets you control more than just attack and sustain levels; you also get pinpoint control over the transients’ shape and duration. You can make a kick tighter than you’d ever imagined – or give your snares that extra crack. If you are looking for vst crack such as serum, captain chords, halftime, melody sauce, serato sample, lounge lizard, exhale, Electrax, keyscape, scaler, effectrix and auto tune evo then you can download here.

Transient Processing?

Transient Processor is a dynamics processing plugin. The Transient Process allows transient peaks to be amplified or suppressed. Likewise the decay of transients can also be sustained or suppressed. Unlike a compressor or expander there is no threshold or ratio setting and you can choose to boost or cut the attack and decay parts of transients independently. Direct and simple controls, we like that.

The Transient Processor installer is included as demo with all FL Studio Edition registrations 12.3 or higher.
Purchase the registration for this plugin as an extra on top of FL Studio.


Where to use Transient Processor?

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Transient Vst Crack

Use it with high Attack settings to give extra snap or punch to drum sounds or with high Release settings to increase the apparent loudness or weight of percussion, vocals or any other sound where you would normally use a compressor. Unlike a compressor there are no thresholds or compression ratios to set, so Transient Processor is more forgiving and you will find it easier to achieve the sound you desire. Alternatively, use low Release settings to suppress unwanted noise or reverb in the tail of a sound. Transient Processor works dynamically with the input signal, processing only the attack and or release as you choose and will quickly become your indispensable go-to dynamics processing tool. Experimentation is key and abuse of the plugin is encouraged. Reap the sonic rewards!

Split frequency

Transient Processor features a unique frequency bypass (‘Split Frequency’ control) to remove low frequencies from the Transient Process as these are known to cause a distorted or rough sound. The low frequencies can then be recombined later in the chain so you don’t lose any of the bottom end to your sounds.

System requirements

  • Official FL Studio version 12.3.1 registration or higher needed.
  • Transient Processor works inside FL Studio both under Windows and macOS


Based on a studio favorite, TRANSIENT MASTER is a must-have dynamics effect — uniquely powerful, deceptively simple and extremely useful. It’s the go-to tool for positioning drums and percussion, letting you mix from front to back and dial-in just the right amount of space.

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Must-have dynamics effect. Enhance attack, control mix presence, fix problem recordings the secret spice in your mix.

  • * Bring sounds from the back of the mix to the front
  • * Enhance attack on drums and percussion
  • * Fix muddy recordings, or reduce reverb

TRANSIENT MASTER is also a mix-fix for problematic recordings and with only three knobs — Attack, Sustain and Gain — it’s quick and easy to use. Shape your sound, and make TRANSIENT MASTER the secret spice in your mix.

TRANSIENT MASTER runs as a stand-alone plug-in within your host software.

TRANSIENT MASTER can make radical changes to a sound, or just add subtleties. Fine-tune both Attack and Sustain to get exactly the right sound for your beats.

Raise the Attack for assertive kicks and crisp snares, or apply TRANSIENT MASTER to the whole drum group for added punch and definition. Reduce Attack to calm things down — on a hissing hi-hat, for example. The sound becomes less aggressive, and blends further back into the overall mix.

‘Sustain’ controls room sound and space. Make snares ring out or add depth to the whole drum group by raising Sustain. Reduce Sustain to tighten things up or kill long reverb tails.

TRANSIENT MASTER is great on any instrument with intrinsic attack. If a guitar track has too much pick sound, apply TRANSIENT MASTER and reduce the Attack. To liven things up, raise the Attack — the additional bite at the onset of each note adds presence.

Use ‘Sustain’ to correct room sound on recordings. For a giutar track with muddy reverb, apply TRANSIENT MASTER and lower the Sustain to choke the reverb. Add subtle Attack, and your guitar is now crisp, lively, and sitting at the front of your mix.

TRANSIENT MASTER can even put life back into pre-processed, over-compressed tracks. When nothing else works, TRANSIENT MASTER can provide an instant mix-fix at the turn of a dial.

TRANSIENT MASTER is indispensible for mixing drums, guitars, pianos, plucked strings — anything with intrinsic attack. It gives you another axis to work on. As well as panning left and right, you can position things quite precisely at the front or back of a mix without juggling volume levels.

Generally, more Attack and less Sustain brings a sound to the front; less Attack and more Sustain blends a sound into the background. Even before EQ, you can effectively ‘stack’ sounds according to the priorities of a particular mix.

Transients are non-tonal material at the onset of a sound. The Attack control emphasizes or de-emphasizes transients, making a sound more or less lively without affecting the overall level. The Sustain control cuts or lengthens the sustain part of a sound.

TRANSIENT MASTER effectively re-shapes the envelope, affecting the sound at its source. Engineers agree that this ‘re-shaping’ delivers particularly natural and musical results — and it’s quick and easy to get there, thanks to the simple, three-knob design. Try TRANSIENT MASTER, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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