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I have the first generation Surface Pro, and I downloaded the Traktor Pro 2 demo to test it out on my Surface. I also have the demo on my desktop, but have no issues with it on Windows 10. I have tried both tablet mode and desktop mode on my Surface, but Traktor just stays at the top left corner of the screen, all bunched up, and will not go. Surface Pro 4's native resolution is 2736.1824. If I use an 2X scaling, it would be like 1368.912. We all know that 1366.768 is a broadly used resolution that can be found in almost all the games (after2005). Oct 26, 2018  Quick test of rekordbox running on surface go. Poor djing but you get the idea of how it runs. Absolutely no problems, can tweak here and there but no rush.

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  • I just wanted to ask if someone here has any experience with using a MS Surface Pro 2 or 3 as sort of laptop replacement for DJing. Im really tempted to buy one but still thats lots of money for me.
    I think that this tablet-pc would be so cool to DJ with, eventhough a bit overpriced. Core i5 (i7 in the pro 3 I think), 8GB Ram, fast SSD as storage medium … Sounds great to me – and this in such a compact package! Maybe it woud not make much sense when using a SX like I do because the controller is already so big that it does not matter that much how big the computer is and maybe the screen is too small to actually run Serato properly (dont know the resolution of the screens … ), but thats really what Im asking for.

    So has anyone here used one of these and could loose a few words on its performance and such in a DJ environment? – Would be really helpful 😀

    Yes you can use the Surface Pro 3 with Serato DJ and the Pioneer DDJ SX. YouTube has a few videos demonstrating this.

    I would LOVE to DJ with Traktor running on a Surface Pro. Laptops just don’t like DJ booths. My only concern would be running the audio interface into a USB hub instead of the computer itself, but if the latency is agreeable it makes perfect sense to do it.

    Take a look at this video by DJ TLM

    Very informative, and thorough review of using a surface pro and serato to DJ.

    IMO the fact that the screen is so small really detracts from using it as your laptop replacement, as you’ll be using the touch screen to select tracks (unless you get the SP1 but I don’t know what prices are like, probably expensive because Pioneer)

    ask him questions and he’ll reply too.


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Oct 27, 2014  surface pro 3 for DJing? So I would like to purchase a new laptop for DJing because honestly I am beginning to get tired of my shitty hp pavilion laptop. I am torn between the MS surface pro 3 and the macbook air. Tru, I was able to run traktor pro on my surface pro 1, although was using a hercules rmx controller, idk if that has any bearing. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128g i5 & Traktor Scratch Pro 2.10. Hello everyone its been a very long time since I've uploaded a video, I have redone my studio, fine tuned traktor scratch & also bought myself a Microsoft Surface.

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So here it is, the groove, slightly transformed…
I was asked to DJ a gig at the Microsoft Lounge. Cool, I’m with it. Good people, good vibes. “But there’s just 1 thing… no apple products.” Now you need to know a little something about me. I’ve been DJ-ing for 25 years. I know how to mix with 2 turntables and a microphone. However, since adopting the digital revolution of Serato, I utilize a lot of loops and effects in my sets. In fact, with the release of Serato DJ, I use flips and samples too. My 2 setups include a NS7 (soon to be traded in for a NS7II) and an Akai AMX with AFX and Serato remote on iPad. I used a pc laptop once before but found it problematic and made the jump to Mac about 4 years ago. I haven’t looked back. I currently rock a 2011 Macbook Pro with 16gb ram and a 1 tb internal HDD (about 45% used). I use itunes to manage my playlists (I learned that lesson after having my serato playlists disappear 1 day). I back up my itunes folder every month and I have 2 time machine backups (1 at home, and 1 at office). I’ve had my vinyl collection warp and scratch in travelling, as well as some stolen. So let’s not make this about vinyl vs. digital. It’s apple vs. pc. Actually it’s really just about Surface Pro 3.
So in order to do this No Apple Zone gig. Someone loaned me a Surface Pro 3 to use. They gave me an i7 1.7Ghz 8GB Ram, 256GB internal. It came with the optional keyboard but not the docking station. I strongly suggest the docking station. For 2 main reasons- 1, it gives you an easier way to prop up the SP3 and 2, the additional USB ports. It comes with 1 USB 3.0. This became a problem that I address later (#2).
First issue: Drivers and Software. I had to find the drivers (Numark and Akai) I’m pretty sure I went through this with my Macbook, but I just don’t remember. So the process of troubleshooting and trying to figure out why it wasn’t working had me on my heels early. I found the drivers I needed at:
http://www.numark.com/product_category/controllersclick on your controller, and the downloads will be on the right side of screen.
http://www.akaipro.com/category/dj-controllersclick on the AFX (and AMX) and then “Docs and Downloads”
Serato crashed a couple times trying to find an iTunes folder that didn’t exist (I was trying to just get serato up and test it). So I had to install itunes before connecting Serato. (be sure to click itunes box in serato’s folder management so it’ll read your library). It took some hours, bu issue solved!
Second issue: Crashed with USB 2.0 Hub. So once I had everything up and running, it would get overwhelmed by the amount of USB info running through my 2.0 hub. I went and bought a 3.0 powered hub (1 more thing to plug into power strip) and it did the trick. The main bummer with this is – my mobile rig doesn’t need power (laptop and ipad have battery and akai stuff is usb powered) so now if someone accidentally yanks the power cord, the hub dies and I lose all communication and audio. Just gotta make sure my power strips are yank proof. Issue worked around!
Third issue: External USB 3.0 drive. Since my library is so big, I had to get an external drive. And since it has USB 3.0, I might as well get a 3.0 drive. Not that expensive, but I felt like after all the USB issues I already had, I just HAD to get a 3.0 drive. Issue solved!
Fourth issue: 32 bit. Speaking of large library, seems a lot of people have experienced serato crashing when trying to load large libraries. From what my geek friends tell me – Serato is 32 bit (x86) software. And though it WILL run in 64 bit environment, it has a built in limit of 2gb of ram. So no matter how much ram I upgrade to, Serato will only use 2gb, making it prone to crashing. Especially when loading videos, writing meta tags, and recording. The solution I found was http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php. Apparently, it will quickly rewrite the .exe file to remove the flag that restricts the virtual memory usage. No spam, no viruses. A quick and easy fix and it totally worked!!! No more crashes. Issue solved!
Fifth issue: Light pen. Ok, I’m getting picky now but this pen is ridic! It has a little button on the side that if you accidentally click it, it opens an annoying note program. I’m sure I can disable this somehow but, I’m already tired of messing with it – I just wanna DJ. Not to mention it’s gonna get lost. I tied a lanyard to it and put it out of the way. Issue worked around!
Sixth issue: Screen too small. The advantage is that it’s small and portable, and this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not staring at the screen for your whole set. I actually appreciate that it made me stop being Serato face, and I was able to interact with the crowd better. Issue worked around!
So all these issues were addressed in the short time I had to prep for the gig. The gig went well. I used the Numark NS7FX. The Surface Pro 3 sat in the laptop tray just perfectly. I was super nervous it would get knocked out. I will continue to play with it and give updates. But as of now, though I was talking MAAAAD *ish about it at first, once I figured out what I was doing, I really enjoyed it. I know ther's not a lot of PC DJ's out there, but I'd love to hear about your tips and tricks.
For future updates: No Android or windows version of Serato remote (total bummer). But will update after I try it with an iPad but since that won’t be an option at any of these Microsoft events, I’m not really sweating it.