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Name: Traktor Kontrol S4
Author: technz - Experienced pro user -
Date added: Fri 02 Mar 12 @ 1:28 am
Last update: Tue 08 Jan 13 @ 2:54 pm
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Total downloads: 6 076
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S4 to minimum before you proceed. Then, slowly increase the volume while music is playing until it reaches the desired listening level To connect your power amplifier or active speakers to the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4: Traktor Kontrol S4 - Setup Guide - 36. Page 37: Final Preparations. Feb 01, 2020  Traktor Pro 3.2.1 Crack Free Download is a DJ combining device that is a powerful pro. You’re able to explore the sounds. It’s used to handle a sort that is excellent. You can find so many tools that modification music and built a DJ that performs pc software that is high-quality. This has everything in one device in the media sector.

Traktor S4 Stopped Working With Pro Plus

Traktor s4 stopped working with problem For all those people who own Traktor Kontrol S4's and have been unable to use them with VDJ, well now you can.
everything currently works as expected.
this is only tested in windows and may not work under mac.

Traktor S4 Stopped Working With Pro 3

Proto make it work you will need to load up the default S4 layout in the controller editor and set all buttons (including push functions) to gate, and set the turn function on all encoders to relative.

Traktor S4 Stopped Working With Problem

this mapper will only function properly while the S4 is in MIDI mode and the controller editor is running, you can set your S4 to start in MIDI mode in the Controller editor settings.
New in V1.2
fixed order of deck mappings to match controller markings.
added L/R half 3x chained effects sliders to top knobs.

Traktor S4 Driver

added full 3x chained effects sliders to top knobs.
Added in V1.2.1
small bugfix to allow vdjscript functions such as holding to work on buttons and encoder push.

Traktor S4 Stopped Working With Professional

also fixed a small bug where if jogwheel is depressed while moving the track fails to resume playback until the jogwheel is pressed again.
props to Synthet1c for the idea of chaining effects

Traktor S4 Driver Pc

updated to fix problem where effects knobs were causing VDJ to lag when moved
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  • Hey!

    After updating to windows 10 I have got some problems with the traktor pro 2 software. The only thing I can is to place songs on the decks but I can’t play them or do antyhing else with them. What can i do to make it work again??


    Hi Anna

    I’ve been using Traktor & Windows 10 for a good 5 months now and had no issues what so ever. I’m even testing the new Beta version that will be released soon on my windows 10 machine and still no issues.

    I have had the same issue as you but that was because i was mucking about with various settings. I just reloaded my saved .tsi setting and everything worked again.

    What are you using to control the software A controller or just the PC?

    You can start the “setup wizard” again see if that helps which can be found left bottom in preferences. This normally gives you a fresh start.

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    You shouldn’t need to go back a version as its been fully tested on W10 before its released to the public.

    Hope it helps if not I’ll have a think as what to help with next.


    Hi Anna

    I use a Kontrol S4mk II so we should be able to see the same things. Dont panic their is a few more things to try before a new install. So before you go and start again try these.

    Where you see the clock at the top, just to your left do you get any feedback from the “CTRL” indicator when you move any of the buttons/knobs on your S2? It will light up when you move somin.

    Import the .tsi you get from NI for your S2 (not your saved one) that should have the basic settings to get the S2 up and running. Make sure its in external mode in the “output Routing” in preferences as your using the S2 to kontrol the software. Also make sure you have selected the NI Kontroler S2 in the “Audio setup” in the preferences box.

    The link below is an image of the preferences box, copy the link into your browser and it will take you to Dropbox. You dont have to sign up to it you can view the image on the screen. Its an image of the preferences box with a red arrow next to the “setup wizard” This is what you press to start again. Dont do this yet tho as we have a few things to try.

    You could reinstall Traktor but if it happens again you’ll be back to square 1 and not know what the issue was.


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