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  1. Traktor Pro 3 Kontrol S4

The redesigned Traktor Kontrol S4 is the first-class DJ system tailor-made for Traktor to deliver an inspiring DJ experience. The S4 combines a premium four channel mixer, built-in 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard, an intuitive interface, and Traktor PRO 2 software with Remix Decks. Yes the S4 MK1 will be compatible with Traktor Pro 3. It's more about your operating system. There's a special procedure to do if you're on Mac 10.12 or higher, as explained in this post. TRAKTOR’s audio engine is the result of almost two decades of development, and TRAKTOR PRO 3 sees further improvement with the integration of Elastique 3 time stretching, and an improved master limiter. It’s a sound that has filled everything from house-party speaker setups to large club systems and festival rigs. Nov 19, 2018  Traktor Kontrol S4 lets you connect with your tracks in entirely new ways: Not only do its motorized jog wheels spin and react to nudging, scratching, pitch-fading, and backspins, they transmit cue points, loop markers, and more direct to your fingertips.

Name: Traktor Kontrol S4
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For all those people who own Traktor Kontrol S4's and have been unable to use them with VDJ, well now you can.
everything currently works as expected.
this is only tested in windows and may not work under mac.
to make it work you will need to load up the default S4 layout in the controller editor and set all buttons (including push functions) to gate, and set the turn function on all encoders to relative.
this mapper will only function properly while the S4 is in MIDI mode and the controller editor is running, you can set your S4 to start in MIDI mode in the Controller editor settings.
New in V1.2
fixed order of deck mappings to match controller markings.
added L/R half 3x chained effects sliders to top knobs.
added full 3x chained effects sliders to top knobs.Traktor
Added in V1.2.1
small bugfix to allow vdjscript functions such as holding to work on buttons and encoder push.
also fixed a small bug where if jogwheel is depressed while moving the track fails to resume playback until the jogwheel is pressed again.
props to Synthet1c for the idea of chaining effects
updated to fix problem where effects knobs were causing VDJ to lag when movedTraktor

Traktor Pro 3 Kontrol S4