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So Im using the Kontrol S4 , my laptop and a big speaker ( I think its a professional speaker) and an Amp. Now, I have the speaker connected to the amp via speaker wire and then the amp has an aux cable that is connected to the back of the Kontrol S4 ( Main Outputs) via a RCA to 3.5mm converter jack.
Whenever I play a track I can only hear the bass of the song , hence only the amp working on not the actual speaker ( in my opinion). Ive double checked the connections between the speaker and the amp and everything looks fine. But i may be wrong with my audio setup and output routing in the Traktor Pro 2 preferences. Could anyone please tell me the exact settings/wire setup that I have to use so that I can hear the whole track properly and not just the bass ??? I have a house party gig tonight and I need to find a solution to this problem.
If anyone can give me some advice or provide a solution to this problem that will be greatly appreciated !!. Thank you once again to those who can shed some light on this issue.

Traktor Audio 6 Driver

Jan 25, 2017  As Traktor doesn't have an encoder to broadcast live you will need to download and setup additional software to capture your computer's audio as mentioned below for either your Mac or Windows system. Windows: How to enable and setup stereo Stereo Mix on your Windows based computer.

This tutorial describes how to setup broadcasting in Native Instruments' Traktor (Scratch) Pro. Sign up for a FREE account first to create your own broadcast slot. Then follow the instructions below to connect Traktor and start live streaming you DJ set.
Use our Setup Wizard to connect Traktor
To make your life as easy as possible we have created a setup wizard that helps you to connect Traktor to Livesets. You only need to complete the wizard once because your settings are persistent. Here we go:

Traktor Pro 2 Download

  • Log in on Livesets using your new DJ account.
  • Click on 'Broadcasting' in the top menu to start our 'Broadcast Setup Wizard'.
  • Hit the 'Configure Traktor' button and follow the instructions.
  • Next; click on the 'Connection test' button and again follow the instructions.
  • When done, disconnect Traktor and you have completed the wizard.

That's it, you are now ready to broadcast your DJ set live from Traktor!
We suggest you add a few test sessions first to get familiar with Livesets.

Traktor Pro Audio Output Setup Windows 10

Traktor Pro Audio Output Setup

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  • We broadcast all Traktor live streams in mp3 and ogg Vorbis format.
  • Broadcasting is only available in Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro.
  • When Traktor fails to connect, the broadcast button in Traktor will blink.
  • If you experience any difficulties, read the additional help below, or our Traktor Tech FAQ.