Traktor Pro 2 Vs Virtual Dj 7

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Traktor Pro 2 Vs Virtual Dj 7
  1. Traktor Pro 2 Mac

Aug 23, 2016  traktor pro como sincronizar una musica con una pista y mezclarla en vivo en trartor - Duration: 12:03. Gabariel marquez 21,032 views.

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Traktor Pro 2 Mac

Traktor Pro 2 Vs Virtual Dj 7
  • Hey guys,

    Im aware that thebest-buy DJ midi controllerissue is a trendy on this Forum. Since Im in the process of getting one, but not as a beginner, I will try to make a short feedback in order to help the others. Also, I want to use this conversation and your opinion to help myself as well.

    STEP 1: DJing is a hobby for 7 years now. Although I have never made money as club DJ, I had some nice DJ sets on my friends’ private parties. Since all was just for fun, I have never had machines of my own, so played the rented ones. Trust me, after a years of playing only on laptop, adapting on different machines in real life is a cake. So, I do believe that beginners’ basic should be spending some time in playing and listening DJ sets only on desktop/laptop – before they go for their first controller.

    When you made a long survey through the Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor and others…and after you played dozens of laptop DJ sets – you will get more touch into software, but you’ll know what to expect from the machines as well.

    My beginning and workflow is totally attached to Traktor Scratch PRO, while later I upgraded my work with a bit of Ableton LIVE. Here I have to agree with Moderator and Keymaster- choosing the right software is a step number 1 in choosing the right controller. Not just cause of the playing/genre preferences, it is also cause some of the controllers work better with certain software. And come on, if you are serious in this, find a way not to use Intro’s and Basic software. I decided to stay with Traktor PRO and Ableton, but I am open to Serato, more likely than to Virtual DJ or Rekordbox.

    Therefore I’ve been discussing and researching this topic and best-buy option for months now. After many personal conversations with DJs, producers, sound engineers and after a dozens of reviews read and videos watched – these 3 controllers should be the second best choice for Traktor. First one is, of course, S2.

    (Of course, if you are not a 7-year old, then you’ll be more than fine with Serato Party Mix)

    Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, Reloop Beatmix 2 mk2 and Pioneer DDJ SB2 are something to begin with. All of them have their good and bad sides. Numark and Pioneer are definitely the leaders in DJ equipment, but Reloop is a German conquering brand on the market. Mixtrack PRO 3 has a great build quality for the price, great pitch faders, but weird one-finger-slide innovation in effect controls. Beatmix mk2 seems like technically most advantaged with board options (cues and loops), but has shallow jog wheels and honestly does look like a toy, cause of the plastic. DDJ SB2 has a well-known Pioneer quality design, but seems lacking technically with previously mentioned. When I say ‘technically’, I do mean ‘number of options’. The knobs and buttons are approximately the same build quality with all 3 devices. I think that all of them could be a 4-deck controllers, but with some it is a quite complicated action while in-the-mix.

    STEP 2: When I decided to give myself a XMas gift and finally a controller – I decided on a budget. Which is the important step number 2. At first I didn’t want to give more than 200 EUR, but meanwhile got flexible to 300. It doesn’t necessarily means ‘cheaper-lousier’, but the price maybe makes a difference among the DJ controllers. Mixtrack PRO 3 is around 200EUR, Beatmix mk2 is 240EUR and DDJ SB2 is 260EUR. If your budget limit for the controller is 200EUR, but you want audio interface in it – it is clear that the Mixtrack PRO 3 is the best buy. But, if you are flexible to 260-270 EUR lik I am – then it is a dilemma. Especially if you add DDJ SBL or Mixtrack Platinum as an option. Mixtrack Quad is not an option, since it has no advantages, but 4-decks control only.

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    Easy answer: NONE

    Only original Traktor Native Instruments controllers are currently good for Traktor.

    Used a Denon mc3000 for a while then tried a S2mk2…went back to Serato.

    When it comes to controllers there is no “best”. They all have their own features that determine if it can be the best for YOU. They all have the necessary features to get you through the first part of your DJ-ing career.

    As for Traktor, the reason there are a lot of non-NI controllers on Traktor still is because in the early days a few years ago Serato was a VERY closed system and Traktor was sold with many non-NI controllers. Since then Traktor has stopped working with 3rd party manufacturers of controllers and is more and more focusing on their own eco-system. And it’s not unthinkable that when the next big upgrade hits they might even exclude third party controllers altogether.

    Also, when you use non-NI controllers with Traktor the jog wheels will not function as well as with an NI controller.

    Finally, if you want to use non-NI (up-to-date) controllers with Traktor you are totally dependent on either the controller manufacturer and/or the Traktor community for mappings and such.

    This is also true for the R-series of Pioneer, which will work only with RekordBox, as opposed to (for example) the SX, which is optimized for Serato, but will work with VDJ, Mixvibes Cross, DJay Pro, RekordBox of course and many other programs, often natively.

    So, it’s just not a good decision to use those controllers with Traktor. Better to look for a used S2 or S2mk2 if you want to go the Traktor route. Plenty of them out there.

    Denon has a long history of being sold with traktor. The Mc2000 being an “old” controller was also natively supported. It’s the more recent controllers that suffer of the lack of traktor(-made or -approved) mappings.

    As for the “the best” issue, let me give you 1 or 2 examples of why you can not make this claim. Some of the controllers have gain knobs, which is very important is you don’t want to use auto-gain (good reasons for that by the way), but if you like auto-gain, having gain knobs has little added value. Same is true for dedicated filter knobs. Or for long or short pitch faders, or the number of performance pads and their modes, or the location of jog wheel and transport buttons. The more expensive (semi-)pro controllers will mostly have all the features but starter controllers will have one and not the other or vice versa.

    So, what I consider the best based on the features that I value the most, might not be the best based on your valued features.

    This is why we can’t/won’t give out a definite ranking (even if we don’t take the software into account), but prefer giving a shortlist of 4-5 controllers that are all very capable starter controllers and tips on how to define your desired features.

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