Traktor Pro 2 Collection Or Playlist Mode Cruise

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Why is it for me? Full-featured and flexible suite for creative DJ performance Easy-to-use 2-deck DJ app for iPad and desktop
Number of decks 4 2
Remix Decks included
Stem Decks included
Waveform modes TruWave: Ultraviolet, Infrared, X-Ray, Spectrum Vector
Waveform zooming
Cue point types Cue, Loop, Fade-in, Fade-out, Load Cue, Loop
Hotcues 8 8
Mixer FX
# of Mixer FX / EQ Types / Filters Types 8 / 6 / 3 4 / 1 / 1
# assignable FX units 4
# of assignable FX 40+
Mix recording Available later
Manual beat matching
Sync modes Beatsync, Temposync Barsync
Key lock Elastique 3 Elastique 3
Flux mode
Freeze mode (Hardware only) (iPad only)
Automatic tempo and key detection
iTunes node (iPad only)
Tag/Metadata Editing
Cruise Mode
Soundcloud Go+ streaming
Auto-save collection
Track recommendations
Play queue
Retina support
History playlists Available later
Custom MIDI mappings
DVS control
Supported controllers
Supported platforms Windows, macOS Windows, macOS, iPad
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Oct 26, 2010  How to set Traktor Pro in shuffle mode? Shameful question, but this weekend I'm going to be doing the music at my gf's halloween bash, theres going to be 50-60 people and to be honest, I dont really want to stick around my setup playing pop tracks one after the other until later in the night where I. Jan 20, 2012  One new feature in Traktor Pro 2 is the ability to combine outputs. You can actually share the same output of two different decks on the same channel of your audio interface. For example, if you have a two channel mixer, you can run a Deck and Sample Deck.

Traktor Pro 2 Collection Or Playlist Mode Cruises

  • We’ve been down this road before with me trying to understand Traktor’s cruise mode, but I’m officially DONE with it.

    Just when I thought I knew how Cruise Mode behaved I learned something totally off the wall during an event. Luckily, the event was just getting started when Traktor threw a tantrum. I don’t want to use iTunes at a gig to play through a playlist at the beginning of an event (dinner, background music, etc.), but this is out of control.

    At least I know now that the Master Control Volume on my mixer controls the output volume instead of the faders, and if something is going wrong with Cruise Mode and it needs to be turned off I can try to work the software and mixer so that the audience do not lose too much sound at once. However, I am trying to figure out how Traktor’s Cruise Mode plays two tracks at the same time? Today, I have to recreate this scenario and know how to correct it quickly and learn how not to get it to happen again. This is UNREAL. If I cannot solve this issue by tomorrow, I’m officially done with Traktor’s Cruise Mode.

    Tell me, is it something I’m missing with cruise mode?

    I use cruise mode every so often. First, once you engage it DO NOT TOUCH THE FADERS. If you touch the faders, it will change the song. You can change the next song that will play by loading it into the non-playing deck if you want just don’t touch the fader. In the settings tab there is a setting to change when the new song will start/how long the fade in/out is. After you deselect cruise mode, the current song will continue to play at full fader volume even if the hardware fader is down.

    Basically, if you use cruise mode, the main thing to understand is NEVER TOUCH THE FADERS when you have cruise mode on.

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    Actually Traktor Cruse mode is quite good you make a playlist load first song turn up fader A and B press play your set.
    Like to make changes to the order of songs add a song that you just thought of do it. want to change playlist just go to an other playlist and load a song into the not playing deck and it will continue playing from that playlist.

    I used autoplay a lot, but I don’t remember having this problem at all. Strange. If anytime in the next two years I got some spare time on my hands, I will go and give it a whirl.


    Rules of Cruise mode re visited.
    1.Turn up only 1 fader to the max, which will be most current deck playing BEFORE turning cruise mode on (I recommend getting into a routine of making this deck A). Even if you don’t the software fader will max out when you eventually leave cruise modes so you may as well replicate in hardware and compensate with gain and master volume controls at the same time so crowd doesn’t notice.
    2.Only adjust master volume while in cruise mode.
    3.Do not touch ANY faders while in cruise mode.
    4.Turn off cruise mode BEFORE you touch any fader.
    I forgot a rule
    4a.Only ever turn cruise mode off, when the deck *where your mixer fader is up on*(eg deck a) is playing and you are ready to go live from next deck b track.
    5.All deck faders in traktor software WILL MAX OUT when you turn cruise mode off!
    6. If you use a mic on a live deck, make sure it is switched off, or if it doesn’t have a switch, it is unplugged as its software fader will max out when you leave cruise mode possibly sending a huge feedback loop and scaring guests.

    I need to dig my MC6000 out of hiding and try this shit out. Done loads of automix on Traktor and never got frustrated. 😉


    Here is what I want cruise mode to do.
    ‘A’ deck is playing, turn up fader to max. I can live with a maxed out fader. Keeps things easy for software. Then turn on cruise mode. Cruise mode then takes over control of decks A and B with loading tracks and running faders.
    The faders are completely disabled in hardware.
    Cruise mode can only be disabled while deck A is playing.
    When you turn off cruise mode faders default to correspond to their hardware position. (which should be deck A max and the rest minimum).

    Coltrane09, post: 44395, member: 2800 wrote: I hear ya. However, I will still need to adjust the Master Volume as I don’t use Traktor’s “limiter”. In my situation, I found that working Traktor without the limiter enabled provided a better sound over the PA.

    True on the limiter. Especially with today’s music that is already compressed to the hilt, running it into the blunt end of a limiter is not advisable. So good choice there.

    Newportdj Drew, post: 44383, member: 244 wrote: … When you turn off cruise mode faders default to correspond to their hardware position …

    Be aware that (as far as I can tell) it isn’t possible for midi to “read” the current location of a fader. Midi is a protocol describing changes. So you need to move it a little bit to create a midi signal to the software to interpret it. I may be wrong, if so one of the midi guru’s around here will certainly correct me, but that is what I think.

    It works with motorized faders (on higher end live sound mixers) because the software sends a position signal back to the mixer which then sets the fader to the correct position. DJ mixers don’t have that luxury.


    I did not realize that. Learn something new everyday. 🙂 As a personal choice, I would rather Traktor does not send a midi control to itself when cruise mode gets switched off. The current way where all the faders get maxed out is very inconvenient.

    Used Cross automix feature six times during the last two days (two shows, pre-show, intermission and after-show).
    It works like the proverbial charm. Because it was easy listening kinda stuff I didn’t try the synced setting, but what I did use works fine. From the autoplay tab you can directly and on the fly change the crossfade time (this is a two or three click action in settings in Traktor I think), shuffle mode and something else (forgot).

    If you have to tracks loaded in two decks you can tell it what deck to start with. I moved faders and stuff, nothing happened.

    Smooth as silk.


    Just downloaded cross free. Thats how I want traktor to behave(in auto mix)! First impressions are thatthis is actually not a bad bit of software. Chuck, do you know if it supports the s4 ‘out of the box’? If so I would seriously consider buying the full version.

Traktor Pro 2 Collection Or Playlist Mode Cruise Ship


Traktor Pro 2 Collection Or Playlist Mode Cruiser

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