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Jan 20, 2012  This week Dubspot Digital DJ instructor DJ Endo breaks down everything you ever wanted to know about Native Instruments’ Traktor 2 preferences. In this exploration of Traktor’s inner-workings, Endo explains not only what different features do but also why and how they work the way they do. Traktor Pro Preferences Explained. Jul 29, 2009  Traktor has detected the control medium (vinyl, 15 minutes side), but it only receives the right channel; the left channel is missing. Solution: Check the cabling and check the cartridge connec-tions. Traktor has detected the control medium (CD), but in this figure the right channel is missing. TRAKTOR 2 Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems The table below provides download links to the last compatible TRAKTOR 2 and Controller Editor versions that can be installed on operating systems no longer supported by Native Instruments. The main new feature is the remix decks that will replace the sample decks that we are familiar with in the current version of Traktor Pro 2. All details about the new 2.5 version and about the new controller will be available as a free PDF update to all owners of a Traktor Bible, as soon as Traktor 2.5 and the Kontrol F1 controller are available.

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Traktor 2 Pro Download

I just purchase the Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ sound card to be able to get the sound out from Traktor Pro 2 from laptop out to other mixer, etc. I notice that when I plug the Audio 2 DJ unit into my laptop via usb, Traktor Pro 2's fader on the mixer is missing. But if I unplug the Audio 2 unit, then the fader on the mixer comes back on when the TP2 is running by itself. Have you had this problem? Any suggestion to this? If not, is there a way to uninstall and reinstall Traktor Pro 2 without loosing all of my cue points that I have spent so many hours prepping for? Thank you in advance for all of your response.
I am currently running Traktor 2.1.2 with MacBook Pro 15'.