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  1. Thought Train For Macos Mac

We all know that it is very important to stay organized in our lives. We feel that the best things happen to us when we have not planned them or occur unknowingly. However, there are some things in life where we need some sort of organization.

One of these is our work and the planning that we need to do for the day. We have often had times when we don’t know what needs to be done next as we don’t have any plans. For this, I have started preparing to-do lists for myself which include minute things like picking up grocery along with timestamps as well.

Now, there is one problem in creating to-do lists which is that there is no proper way to do it. Most of the people were using their smartphones to create to-do lists but there are some things missing from each and every app I have tried.

This is the reason why I have moved to the traditional pen and paper way of creating my to-do lists. However, there is a drawback of to-do lists on pen and paper which is that to-do lists are meant to be completed. Therefore, we need to tick them off but if we do that to our lists in a notebook then it looks ugly and everything will be scratched off then.

What is Thoughts Train?

Therefore, it is time that a good to-do list application is available for our workstation. Now, we are enlightened with a new to-do list making application known as Thoughts Train. Sadly, this application is only available for MacOS and not for Windows. On the positive side, Thoughts Train is the only application you need to maintain to-do lists on your MacBooks.

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Thought Train For Macos Mac

The working of this application is very simple as well. First of all, this application always stays on the menu bar of your MacBook so you can visit it to see your to-do’s from anywhere and everywhere. Apart from that, it contains all the functionalities for creating your “Thoughts”. Such as creating multiple thoughts, archiving and deleting thoughts, pinning thoughts for later, and deleting things by just clicking a check mark same as Google Keep.