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You are correct, 32 bit plugins won't work in the 64 bit version of Studio One. The only way you would be able to tell ahead of time whether or not your plugin is a 64 bit plug (without being a programmer) would be to check with the developer (either peruse their web page or send an e-mail and ask to clarify). A lot of the free ones, like the Poulin plugins you're mentioning are not 64 bit plugins and therefor will only work with the 32 bit version of Studio One.
Fortunately you can instal both the 32 bit AND the 64 bit version of Studio One on the same machine, and use the same activation for both (you don't need to reactivate, just use the same key). Then make a VST folder somewhere (wherever you like, but I just like to make it on your primary hard drive, or if you have a dedicated audio drive that works as well) and have two subdirectories, one with your 32 bit plugins, and one with your 64 bit plugins and point the respective versions of Studio One to those folders. If the plugin comes with just a .DLL file (or several) you just place those in the folder you want Studio One to find them in. If the plugin comes as an installer, make sure that when you install the plugin that the plugin installs where you want it to (usually 'program files') and that the .DLL goes into your VST folder (most installers will allow you to pick the place for the .DLL).
Another alternative is to use a piece of software called a bit bridge which would allow you to run 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit host. The most popular one for PCs is JBridge, but it's not free.
Confusing huh!
I hope that helps you understand a little better. If you have more questions just come on back and we'll get you sorted!
- Giz

Sep 09, 2016 I purchased studio one plugin support for vsts but do not see vst tab in locations; I cant find the sample packs that i downloaded from the internet in Studio One artist; I can't seem to find my plug-in FerricTds on the plug-in list in Studio One; I have the add on downloaded vst's fine, but once I got a new laptop; I don't see the VST tab in. Apr 27, 2017  Third Party VST integration is not supported with Studio One Artist. In order to be able to utilize additional plugins, you would need to either upgrade to Studio One 3 Professional or upgrade your Artist version by purchasing the VST/ReWire Add-On; which allows for the use of additional non-bundled Third Party VSTs as well as adding ReWire Support in Artist. Navigate to Preferences/Options/ Locations/ VST Plug-ins Click on the Add button, specify the location of your plug-in, and click OK. You can also drag-and-drop any folder from the Explorer/Finder into the Locations list. Studio One Pro will then scan these locations, along.

Studio One Add Vst I Downloaded

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Hey folks. If you tuned in to PreSonus LIVE today, you may have missed the download links for the free plugins we talked about. Here’s a handy list for you.

Studio One Add Vst I Downloaded Free


Studio One Add Vst I Downloaded Download

An archive of today’s show is visible here.

Studio One Add Vst I Downloaded To Mp3

Note: all plugins are MacOS X and Windows 64-bit compatible and free! Traktor pro 2 windows 10.

Studio One Artist Vst Plugin

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