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Sam Cooke was the most important soul singer in history - he was also the inventor of soul music, and its most popular and beloved performer in both the black and white communities.

All kind of the time, leaks through the death.

R&B & Soul
Sam cooke a change is gonna come free music download mp3

Comment by Zavaree Lewis-brown

it's my favorite ðŸ˜x8DðŸ˜x81âx9D¤ï¸x8F

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Comment by Julian Caraballo 2

@julian-caraballo-2-169843439 up and walked down playing this song through the streets and now i love this song i love my people ðŸ™x8FðŸx8F¼

Comment by Julian Caraballo 2

@julian-caraballo-2-169843439 was crying and im very close to her so i said whats wrong mama jay and she said that this song is very dear to her because her father was linched in front of her and when she ran back to tell everyone they all gathered

Comment by Julian Caraballo 2

This hits hard im puerto rican and i grew up with blacks my whole life and ive been able to understand the racism they deal with in everyday life because i dealt with it right with them i came across this song at my best friends house his grandma ..

Comment by Kenneth Pennant


Comment by playboykids

@lil-rec-859854286 fuck u smd

Comment by Dray x

Give me the chills man, felt this one ‼ï¸x8F😤âx9D¤ï¸x8F

Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come Free Music Download Ycee

Comment by Dray x

We need this ! âx9D¤ï¸x8F

Comment by Dray x


Comment by Rain Guru


Comment by Rain Guru

oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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I get lit to this 🔥🎉

Comment by James Hare Jr.

Ever since

Comment by Hamid Moradi

@zhaleh-1 hi

Comment by Angel Green 24


Comment by blackzenith99

Martin Luther king pray for you♥

Comment by zhaleh shahrivar


Comment by Chaniyah Armstead

I love this song 🥰

Comment by Cameron Foreshee

I still wonder if he did break in to the office and attack that lady


Comment by MsLexi

@lil-rec-859854286 burn in hell

Comment by lipstickgang💄

@lil-rec-859854286 fuck u bitch ass racist fucker!!!!

Comment by kyle brennings

A forever banger! Legend and G.O.A.T.

Comment by Brain Anchor Studios

Fuck you Lil Rec. Get out of here.

Comment by Lil Rec

Fuck this nigger song

Comment by Kholio Mohamed

In a littke tent

Comment by Emeric Excellent

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Comment by AJ VI

I heard this song before my daughter was born and I knew something wonderful was just around the corner, it sent shivers down my spine as I radiated with excitement as I faced fear for the first time, the fear of loving a human unconditionally.