Running Traktor Pro 2 On An Intel I3 Processor

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i am currently ussing sony vaio vpceb3m1e
2011 model
intel core i3 2,4 ghz
4gb ram
ATI radeon graphics
500gb HDD
windows home premium 64bit
i use pioneer ddj t1
my pc is optimized for full power on graphics proccesor also usb setting etc, running only the needed applications to start up and its being used only for djing. also on bios options c3/c6 support etc disabled. all are running full power and latency check done with latency mon running more than 2 hours results was maximum latency 120μs and average 90μs.
traktor was running fine for 3-4 (10-20 gigs) months using the version 2.6.4 then i had some issues with waveform freezing and music stop playing. i check my logs found an error when loading a track.
i've been told from NI support staff to update to 2.6.8 as this was a known issue and had been fixed.
i've did so, the error in log now gone. but last night when i was playing after a 6 hours of gig deck B waveform froze similar to a froze i had in 2.6.4 which i recorded traktors behavior after the freeze occurred. the music that is heard on video is from other backup pc.
after that froze in waveform happens, traktor and ddj t1 seem to communicate without problem, all knobs buttons jogwheels work instantly without delay(you can see in the video that i move the jogwheel and tempo changing) but music dont come out and waveform is stuck or moving like goin in slow motion but still no sound comes out.
this is solved after i restart traktor. not my controller or my lappy.traktor even closes normal without any warning about stucking or something not goin well.
i am sure that its not a latency issue cause my latency is no more than 120μs.
i am really mad that i cannot perform how i should be. i really like traktor but that cannot happen again.
i have contacted NI support, we are in touch for like 1 month or so but we didnt find something more than updating to 2.6.8 that still gives me the problem.
besides that sometimes when loading a song the GUI goes laggy for a sec or 2 and then it comes back to normal. during this the audio is playing without any issues. my graphics setting are set to max.
i never have audio glitches delays or so. when this happens sound stops immediately.
this happens on both 256 sample size (happened the first day after 6 hours i got the sample size from 512 to 256) but it have happened on 512 sample size also.
so, i have now made my sample size to 1024. i hope this will solve the problem, last night i've played with no problems, except the graphic stuck sometimes when loading a song.
finally i am very familiar with technology and computers, i've studied in informatics institute of technology, also i am currently servicing mobile phones,lappy's,pc's,even midi controllers.
i could really use your help cause i am out of ideas, please dont tell me buy a Macbook cause i am sick of this.
regards George B.

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Apr 12, 2012  Native Instruments Traktor pro 2 is a bundle that I knew that I needed to get because I have several of Native Instruments products and software’s. All of the products that they produce are very easy to use and have a great quality about them. The Traktor Pro 2 is a complete system that will take care of all of your DJ needs. The Traktor Pro. Sep 28, 2015  This is the latest update of Traktor Pro. 2.10.0 Kontrol S5 ready Bug fixes 2 aux inputs at same time thanks for the support. Download safari for os x 10.8.5. Category Music; Show more Show less.

Running Traktor Pro 2 On An Intel I3 Processor Review

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P8400 (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility. May 02, 2014  Traktor Pro 2.6.8 Problem. I am currently ussing sony vaio vpceb3m1e 2011 model intel core i3 2,4 ghz 4gb ram ATI radeon graphics 500gb HDD. (i've enabled it today and i found traktor running smoother, or its just my idea.) also i think the sample size was small, (had it 512 then went 256 and stuck the same day) now i've made it 1024. Jul 14, 2010  Re: Intel i5 vs i7, which is really fast for live Post by Khazul » Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:51 pm For ableton live, I would go for the i5 out of those two processors - ableton like a few real cores, two good, 4 better not because mpost live sets will directly benefit, but more because what going on in the rest of the machine will have far less impact.