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Restores Visual Studio default settings and automatically launches the Visual Studio IDE. This switch optionally resets the settings to a specified settings file.

Reset Dev C 4

The default settings come from the profile that was selected when Visual Studio was first launched.


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To learn how to reset settings using the integrated development environment (IDE), see Reset settings.



  • SettingsFile

    Optional. The full path and name of the settings file to apply to Visual Studio.

  • DefaultCollectionSpecifier

    Optional. A specifier representing a default collection of settings to restore. Choose one of the default collection specifiers listed in the table.

    Default collection nameCollection specifier
    Visual BasicVB
    Visual C#CSharp
    Visual C++VC
    Web DevelopmentWeb
    Web Development (Code Only)WebCode

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If no SettingsFile is specified, the IDE opens using the existing settings.

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The first example applies the settings stored in the file MySettings.vssettings.

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The second example restores the Visual C# default profile.

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Reset Dev C++

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