Razer Synapse Mac Not Working For Mojave

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I believe it's something to do with some Razer hardware. My son got the Christmas bundle last year, we never got it to connect in synapse, figured it was Mac wierdness and Razor not really caring, support could never reproduce it. However he recently upgraded to a newer white keyboard with all the LED lights and it shows up in Synapse. I'd prefer not to get a Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac for one reason: to not have additional software. Does Razer currently sell a wireless mouse which is supported by Synapse for Mac? Edit: I am currently on Mojave and Synapse for Mac is a 64-bit application, so I assume it will be supported under Catalina. Using macOS Mojave 10.14b11, latest Razer Synapse causes repeatable crashes of the Loginwindow/GUI process (you log in, things progress through startup items, etc. And then it all crashes and you're logged out). This happens to all users, with Razer Synapse setup for the user or not (indicating system-wide issue). It also crashes CoreAudio.


Getting razer synapse not working continuously??? Try out below methods to get rid of the issue successfully. Before going in detail, what exactly Razer Synapse mean? Considered as a one of effective gaming software, or called as a hardware configuration tool respectively. Supports all the versions of Windows Operating System.

  1. Installed, Rebooted. Started Razer Synapse, Logged into my account. Opened up Mac System Preferences Security & Privacy Input Monitoring. From there you should see a window saying 'Allow the apps below to monitor input.' Check RZDeviceEngine, click 'Quit Now' - this will restart/refresh the app.
  2. Jul 05, 2020 Razer Synapse, not opening could be a problem on your Windows if your Net framework is outdated and since Net Framework is a very essential system requirement for Razer Synapse, you should ensure it is installed on your System or up to date.

Remember, in order to avoid all the issues or errors if any, choose updated one. This purely works for components like keyboard, mouse, speakers, Chroma, mouse mat and much more with no fail. This tool presently works showing various devices that cause razer synapse won’t open troubleshooting issue.

Razer Synapse Not Working!!!! Fix It Right Now

Implement below methods when you get razer synapse not working troubleshooting issue. This tool usually shows razer connected devices available on the dashboard without fail. Let’s go in detail.

  • Troubleshoot the Hardware Issue
  • Uninstall Razer Synapse
  • Reinstall respective drivers
  • Update Razer device drivers
  • Disable antivirus program

Here and now, we go learn all such methods and implement one by one to fix razer synapse not opening issue.

Troubleshoot the Hardware Issue

First and foremost, check out all the hardware components connected with. If in case, fail to detect by Razer Synapse, troubleshoot them to fix right now. Like USB port. When it is failed to work or detect, go for another USB port.

Or else, try to connect your mouse or the keyboard to your respective PC and check the working status with no second thought. Getting the same, contact the razer support team in order to replace successfully.

Uninstall Razer Synapse

Perform uninstallation on the respective Razer Synapse. Doing so, it perfectly fixes the razer synapse not detecting mouse troubleshooting issue. Use a perfect 100% working mouse or any device for the following process. Let’s start performing all the steps accordingly.

  • Press Windows and R at a time in order to get the run box. Or in other words, go to Windows logo-> enter run in the provided search bar and then press enter. So that you see a window prompting on the screen.
  • Type appwiz.cpl and click ok.
  • So that you can find Razer Synapse available in the form of a list and uninstall it successfully.
  • Go to C:Program Files (x86)Razer and delete all such files available in that respective folder.
  • In the next step, go to C:ProgramDataRazer, and make sure that, various hidden items available which were recently deleted by the user.
  • Delete all and restart your system without any fail.
  • As a result, Reinstall Razer Synapse in order to verify the working status of your mouse respectively.

Reinstall Respective Drivers

At times, the error encounters due to the faulty drivers. This means the issue is all about due to the corrupted or distorted drivers. So don’t forget to uninstall the respective device driver and again reinstall it to fix razer synapse not responding issue without any fail.

  • Firstly, go to the Windows-> tap R simultaneously in order to open the run command prompt. Win +R is considered as a shortcut key to open run command prompt at a time. Or else one can go to Windows-> type run in the search bar for opening the respective window.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and press the enter in order to open the respective device manager.
  • Double click on it and expand with no second thought.
  • Uninstall the respective driver which held responsible for unresponsive mouse or the keyboard.
  • Now restart the system so that the Windows again reinstall the respective driver for the mouse as well other devices. Finally, crosscheck whether it has been worked out or failed to do so.

Update Razer Device Drivers

Updating is very much important for any device in order to make it work successfully. Scrivener keyboard shortcuts for os x 10. In a similar way, check whether the driver you use is updated accordingly. If not, there are two different ways of updating it.

  1. Manually and
  2. Automatically
  • Most of the users choose automatic update especially when they don’t have much time to spend on updations for a longer time period.
  • Performing this automatically recognize the system and connect all the drivers very well.
  • No worries related to the updations working on your system. Fixes in a perfect way by taking its own time with no fail.
  • Run the driver and scan it successfully. It perfectly scans and detects if any.
  • Tap on next so that automatically download the latest version. Or simply perform a single click on update all.
  • As a result, restart your system and try connecting Razer to check the working status.

Disable Antivirus Program

Remember at times, the anti-virus programme held responsible for preventing the happening of the cause razer synapse not working. When you choose the software like Windows Defender, disable it temporarily and try using the mouse to verify the working status.

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Final Verdict

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I hope you are clear enough of all the steps provided one by one. Don’t forget to implement them accordingly. For more information/methods and better solutions can contact us. Drop down in the followed rectangular box for any doubts. Thank you. If you like the razer synapse not working tutorial, share with friends and also on the social networking sites. Stay back with PhoneGnome for more interesting or useful tutorials.

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