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Ola England attempts to help us decide whether all these amps sound the same. Or not.. · Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-GXht7qfhg

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Ola Englund is the guitarist from The Haunted and he once played with Six Feet Under. His style is heavy and distorted, and in the past Ola has been accused of making all his amps sound the same. This has led Ola to make a video comparing a whole bunch of different amps so that you can form your own opinions.

Shure SM57

Ola has used an SM57 microphone and the same Hesu 2×12 cabinet to record all the guitar heads. Opencl ati dev c++. This is his preferred setup and also sets the parameters for testing the similarities in tone. Guitar-wise Ola uses a Washburn PX-Solar 16ETC for all of the recordings, each recording is done in Logic and he also places the guitar tones into multitrack recordings to give them some perspective.

Randall Solar Vst Download

The amps used are a Randall Satan, a Randall RG1503, an EVH 5150 Stealth, a Hesu Bastard 50W, a Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ and Mooer Blade Pedal.

How much of the tone comes from the player?

I would argue that a lot of a player’s tone comes from the player themselves. The pick attack and style of playing will have a huge amount of effect on the tone of each amp. The whole test is a bit of fun and I would urge you all to have a listen and comment below.

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What’s your opinion?

Us guitarists are a funny bunch, yet we all have our own theories on what constitutes good tone and also what affects our individual sound. So let us know your opinions on good tone are and whether or not amps play a huge role in your core sound.

Randall Solar Vst Downloads

For me I would guess the use of the same microphone, cab and playing style will be the biggest factors in our opinions. But I would be very interested to hear what you all think.