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Add two Numbers in C. To add two numbers in C Programming, you have to ask to the user to enter the two number and place the addition of the two number in a variable of same type and print this variable on the screen which is the addition result of the two entered number as shown here in.

  • Write a C++ program to add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers.
  • C++ program to perform arithmetic operations.

In this program, we will learn about basic arithmetic operators in C++ programming language.
Arithmetic operators in C++ are used to perform mathematical operations. There are five fundamental arithmetic operators supported by C++ language, which are addition(+), subtraction(-), division(/), multiplication(-), and modulus(%) of two numbers.

+Adds two numbersa + b15 + 5 = 20
-Subtracts two numbersa - b15 - 5 = 10
*Multiplies two numbersa * b15 * 5 = 75
/Divides numerator by denominatora / b15 / 5 = 3
%Returns remainder after an integer divisiona % b15 % 5 = 0
  • In the first program, the user is asked to enter two integer numbers and then program displays the sum of these numbers. In the second C program we are doing the same thing using user defined function. Example 1: Program to add two integer numbers. To read the input numbers we are using scanf function and then we are using printf function.
  • In this c program we are going to add two numbers using functions, addition operator and pointers.We will get the values by user and perform the calculation.
  • Jul 10, 2019  Program to add two fractions Here we will discuss how to add two fractions using C programming language. To find the sum of two fractions we will be using the concept of LCM and GCD. For example: we have to find the sum of 7/2 and 8/3 Firstly the LCM of 2 and 3 will.

C++ Program to Perform Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division of Two Numbers


In above program, we first take two numbers as input from user using cin and store it in variable x and y. Then we perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Modulus on operands x and y and store the result in variable sum, difference, product, quotient and modulo respectively.

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The addition of two numbers in C language is performing the arithmetic operation of adding them and printing their sum on the screen. For example, if the input is 5, 6, the output will be 11.

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Addition program in C

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
int x, y, z;

printf('Enter two numbers to addn');

z = x + y;

printf('Sum of the numbers = %dn', z);


Output of the program:

Download Add numbers program executable.

In the expression (z = x + y), overflow may occur if the sum is greater than the maximum value that the variable z can store.

Similarly, we can write a program that performs subtraction, multiplication, and division of two numbers.

Addition without using third variable


int main()
int a =1, b =2;
/* Storing result of the addition in variable a */
a = a + b;
printf('Sum of a and b = %dn', a);

Doing this isn't recommended because the original value of the variable 'a' is lost; if we require it further in the program, then we will not have it.

C program to add two numbers repeatedly

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
int a, b, c;
char ch;

printf('Input two integersn');

c = a + b;

printf('(%d) + (%d) = (%d)n', a, b, c);

printf('Do you wish to add more numbers (y/n)n');

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if(ch 'y' ch 'Y')


Dev C++ Program Download

Output of program:

Input two integers
Do you wish to add more numbers (y/n)
Input two integers
Do you wish to add more numbers (y/n)
Input two integers
Do you wish to add more numbers (y/n)
Input two integers
Do you wish to add more numbers (y/n)

C program for addition of two numbers using a function

We can calculate sum of two integers using a function.

long addition(long,long);
int main()
long first, second, sum;
sum = addition(first, second);
printf('%ldn', sum);
long addition(long a,long b)
long result;
result = a + b;
return result;

We are using long data type as it can handle large numbers.

Program To Add Two Numbers In Dev C++

Dev C++ Program To Add Two Numbers

To add numbers that don't fit in in-built data types, use an array, a string, or other suitable data structure.