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  1. Free Os Alternative To Windows
  • Sep 25, 2019 Pretty much often! To be honest, that's my favorite typeface also. Microsoft released it in 1995. Ever since then, it has become a staple of Mac OS X and Windows. The font was literally designed for children. So, it won't look serious in the professional or corporate texts.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for macOS gives you several ways to start your next presentation using a template, a theme, a recent presentation, a not-so-recent presentation, or a blank one. You can send out a link to the slides, or start a full-on Lync meeting that displays the deck with audio and IM.
  • Mac OS X The Mac OS X is another popular alternative to the Windows operating system. Because of it’s popularity, there’s plenty of software available for it. If you’re into graphic design, then the Mac is really the only way to go. Because it uses Unix technology, the Mac OS.

Sep 30, 2019  2. Libre Office Impress, powerpoint alternative. A free & Open Source alternative for Powerpoint along with other offices applications. Libre Office Impress comes as part of the Libre Office Suite itself. There is no need for the introduction of Libre Office Suite, as it is simply the best open source Office Suite available in the market.

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Mac alternatives to popular Windows utilities

As far as bundled software is concerned, Microsoft packs only a handful of apps and games into its Operating System. But some of them prove to be useful, and are quite popular too. Here are some of the popular Windows utilities and their feasible Mac counterparts.

Notepad for Mac — TextEdit

Powerpoint Alternatives For Os X

Notepad is a good place to make all your rough notes. Its counterpart on Mac is called TextEdit, which comes with basic text editing features. One advantage of TextEdit over Notepad is that it has the ability to switch between plain text and formatted text mode, whereas Notepad only supports plain text mode.

Paint for Mac — Paintbrush (Third-Party)

While Mac OS X doesn’t include any bundled apps that serve as an alternative for MS Paint, several third party developers have come up with similar or even better third party alternatives. Paintbrush is even marketed as the Paint for Mac OS, as its UI and features resemble the original Paint app.

Free Os Alternative To Windows

Paintbrush is a free Paint alternative for Mac. But if you are looking for an image editor with better features, Pixelmator is a good app available on the App Store for $29.99.

Command Prompt alternative for Mac — Terminal

If you still prefer command line interface over the modern graphical user interface, Command Prompt must have been one of your favorites on Windows. The Mac alternative for Command Prompt is called Terminal. Terminal commands are UNIX based, so they will be different from the MS DOS based commands of Command Prompt for Windows, but the functionalities both the applications provide are fairly the same.

Snipping tool for Mac — Grab

If you take a lot of screen grabs or screenshots on your computer, Snipping Tool might be familiar to you. On Mac, Grab is a good alternative that comes pre-installed on OS X. However, one turn-off with Grab for OS X might be the fact that TIFF is the only save format supported by the app.

There are several ways you can take a screenshot on Mac. An article from Apple Support will guide you about screenshots on Mac OS X.

Sticky Notes for Mac — Stickies

If you love post-it notes and used Sticky Notes on your Windows Desktop, Stickies are the ones to try out on your Mac. Similar to Sticky Notes on Windows, you can pin Stickies to your Mac Desktop and put essential information on them, which you frequently require to access. You can also use them for reminders, though there is a separate app for that on Mac.

Desktop Gadget Gallery for Mac — Dashboard and Widgets

Windows Vista introduced a Sidebar Gadgets which allowed you to pin widgets like clock, calendar, media player controls, etc. to the desktop sidebar. Mac OS X has a separate space for these kind of widgets, and its called the Dashboard. The Dashboard on OS X can be accessed from Mission Control, or by swiping to the left (four-finger swipe) from the first Desktop.

Backup and Restore solution for Mac — Time Machine

Windows has a native data backup solution for creating full backups of your hard disks. On Mac, Time Machine gives you a similar backup solution with a few additional features.

Mac alternatives to Windows Office Apps

Microsoft’s Office Suite is probably one of the company’s most popular products. It includes apps for note taking, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, email management, etc., — everything that users need to get the job done at the office.

Microsoft Office alternative for Mac — iWork

The Microsoft Office Suite includes Word (word processor), Excel (spreadsheet manager) and PowerPoint (slideshow creator and viewer), and is one of the most popular software packages, especially in the IT industry. Though these apps also have their Mac counterparts, Macs purchased in and after October 2013 include Apple’s own version of Office Suite, iWork, for free. The iWork Suite consists of Pages (MS Word alternative), Numbers (MS Excel alternative) and Keynote (MS PowerPoint alternative).

OneNote alternative for Mac — Notes

If you are into note-taking, you must have been familiar with Microsoft’s OneNote. Apple bundles a similar note taking app called Notes along with OS X. If Notes does not satisfy your requirement, there’s another app called SimpleNote. Of course, if you wish to stick to OneNote, it’s available for Mac too.

Email client for Mac — Mail app

Outlook and Mail (from Windows Live Essentials suite) are both email clients for Windows, and are very useful for managing and keeping track of your emails on your Windows PC. Mac OS X includes Apple’s own mail client which includes some useful features like heuristic searches, annotations, etc.

It's not necessary to wrap the VST plug-ins. To enable it, go to Edit Preferences Effects Scan 32-bit VST Effects Using jBridge.For Mac OS, rewrap the VST plug-ins through the JBridgeM utility, which you can download from. With the release of Adobe Audition CC, Audition is now a 64-bit program. Upgrade any plug-ins that were designed to work in a 32-bit environment to a 64-bit version or use a bridge.To use 32-bit VST plug-ins in a Windows environment, install JBridge. You can download the utility from. Windows 32 bit vs 64 bit.

Messenger for Mac — Messages (iMessage)

The Windows Live Essentials suite includes a communicator app known as Messenger. It’s basically a chat client similar to Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts. Apple, of course, includes its own chat client on OS X. Popular as iMessage, the app has now been renamed as Messages on both Mac and iOS devices.

Mac alternatives to popular Multimedia apps

Sound Recorder alternative for Mac — QuickTime

Windows ships with a small program that lets you record audio (either using mic or via Line-in) and save them as WAV files. If you want a similar recording software on OS X, look no further than Apple’s own QuickTime player.

It’s quite easy to record audio using QuickTime player. Just select New Audio Recording option from the file menu and choose the recording source by clicking on the arrow next to the record button. To start the recording, click on the Record button and click the same button again to stop recording. The recorded audio file will be stored in AAC format.

Windows Media Player alternative for Mac — iTunes + QuickTime

Powerpoint alternatives for os x 7

Windows Media Player is the native audio and video player for Windows Systems, which is able to play some of the popular audio and video formats like MP3, WMA, MPEG, WMV,MP4, etc. On the other hand, Mac OS X has two applications for native audio and video playback. iTunes primarily takes care of the audio playback, while Quicktime takes care of video playback.

OS X supports native playback of MP3, MP4, AAC, M4A, M4V and some other audio and video formats. WMA and WMV are not supported on OS X by default. If you want support for more audio and video formats, third party solutions like VLC Player, are available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Windows Movie Maker alternative for Mac — iMovie

Windows Movie Maker is Microsoft’s video editing software that is quite good for casual users. Apple’s Movie Maker alternative on Mac OS X is called iMovie, which rather targets professional users. iMovie includes lots of advanced video editing options and tools. And it can be safely said that iMovie is a better alternative as a video editing software, when compared with Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Photo Viewer alternative for Mac — Preview

Windows Photo Viewer is the default application for viewing photos on Windows. It supports a number of popular image formats, such as JPEG, PNG and GIF. On Mac OS X, an application called Preview can read a variety of file formats, and is the default application for viewing images, PDF documents and more.