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The image numbers are the file names. iPhoto used the filenames as the image titles, if no custom titles had been assigned to the photos. But the new Photos.app does not use the filenames as the default titles. It will only show titles that you assign to the photos.

Free mac os x download. If you want to see the filenames below the thumbnails, you have to copy them to the title field. You can do that in the Info panel of the photo.

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Then enable to show metadata in the View menu in Photos.

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El Capitan is composed almost entirely of a pale, coarse-grained granite emplaced approximately 100 MYA (million years ago). In addition to El Capitan, this granite forms most of the rock features of the western portions of Yosemite Valley. A separate intrusion of igneous rock, the Taft Granite, forms the uppermost portions of the cliff face.

You could try an AppleScript I posted here to help with copying the filename to the title field: Script: Batch Changing the Titles to the Filename w/Extension

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