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Nov 18, 2017  Does Post Malone Use Autotune? Yes he does and if you don’t believe me, just watch his performance at the recent American Music Awards. Unlike Travis Scott who performs with heavy autotune live, Post Malone used no autotune in this performance. Jul 07, 2017  How to make vocals like Post Malone using autone and other effects in FL Studio. How to do it if you cant sing. Using Both Auto-Tune & Melodyne On A Vocal. Mar 04, 2020 He’s helped Post Malone perfect his trademark Auto-Tune–sounding warble (“Rockstar” was a subtle step up from “White Iverson,” Post’s tremble more sandy and, as a result, richer).

It's still pitch corrected and post processed but a decent song. The first verse highlights proper baritone high range. It doesn't go higher than G4 and he hits all the notes without straining and stuff. Sounded pretty good to me but I didn't like the song as much as I liked his stoney album lol.

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If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more new trends. Thankfully, Post Malone has a weird fucking haircut.

Over at least the last few weeks, the “rapper slash R&B singer” has been spotted with a certain out-of-the-ordinary cut that, despite getting roasted on Twitter and Instagram now seven weeks after he first debuted it, nonetheless persists. Part “White Iverson” braids, part Beyonce “baby bangs,” it’s an artful amalgamation of other people’s hair just begging to be noticed, and the folks at GQ just fucking love it. In January, the magazine announced that “Haircuts with Bangs Might Be Coming Back in 2017″ and placed Malone’s terrible hair alongside those of his friend Justin Bieber and Jared Leto, both of whom don’t really have prominent bangs in the featured photos, but whatever.

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After going platinum last night with the single “Congratulations”—a collaboration with Metro Boomin and Migos’ member Quavo—Post Malone shared a photo of the award on Instagram, as well as a video of the three announcing a performance on Late Night with Seth Myers, all without the slightest hint of embarrassment. Not bad for a guy we all thought was a one-hit-wonder finally making it back onto the charts again, but get a new haircut, dude.

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