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Generate OpenSSL RSA Key Pair from the Command Line. Generate a 2048 bit RSA Key. You can generate a public and private RSA key pair like this. The public key can be distributed anywhere or embedded in your web application scripts, such as in your PHP, Ruby, or other scripts.

Secure Laravel OpenSSL Public Key/Private Key Encryption Library.


  • PKCS#8 files are self-describing, and PKCS#8 private key files contain the public key, so a single command can output all the public properties for any private key. WARNING: By default OpenSSL's command line tool will output the value of the private key, even when you ask for it to output the public metadata; the -noout parameter suppresses this.
  • In regards to the comment above: 'After generating a key pair with OpenSSL, the public key can be stored in plain text format. I then encrypted the private key itself using regular mcrypt with the human-memorizable key of my choice and converted it to ACSII using base64encode.
  • Mar 31, 2018  Generate public key and store into a file. It is a simple one liner command to generate a public key from a private key, so lets say our private key is named ‘[email protected]’ and we want to generate the public key and name it ‘authorizedkeys’. Below is the command to do this.
  • That generates a 2048-bit RSA key pair, encrypts them with a password you provide and writes them to a file. You need to next extract the public key file. You will use this, for instance, on your web server to encrypt content so that it can only be read with the private key. Export the RSA Public Key to a File. This is a command that is. Openssl rsa -in private.pem -outform PEM -pubout -out public.pem.

OpenSSL Encryption is laravel public/private key pair encryption package. Which allow you to generate public/private key and encrypt and decrypt data with that public/private key.

You want to send/receive secure message to your friends. Then you have to generate public/private key and send the public key to your friends. Now one of your friends encrypt the message with your given public key and send it to you. You receive the message and decrypt the message with your private key.

If any attacker found the message but the attacker could not decrypt it without your private key. So don't share your private key with anyone.

Install (Laravel)

Install via composer

The package is auto-discovered and registered by default, but if you want to register it yourself:

Add service provider to config/app.php in providers section.

Add alias to config/app.php in alias section.

To publish the config, run the vendor publish command:


To generate public/private key run the following artisan command :

After generating the key you need to set your public/private key path to config/openss.php and passphrase (if you set passphrase while generating key).

Encrypt Data:

Php openssl generate public key in command prompt

Php Openssl Generate Public Keys

Decrypt Data:

Upcoming Feature

Openssl Create Private Key

Encrypt and decrypt with multiple public/private key. Gladiator vst plugin fl studio download.


Openssl Create Key Pair

Best free vst plugins 2019. OpenSSL Encryption is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license