Permission Denied Error In Dev C++

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  1. Permission Denied Error In Dev C Download
This is why some basic *nix knowledge is good to have..
Permissions are broken into three groups: Owner Group World, except the first character which denotes what type of file it is. For examples, directories have the first character set to 'd'.
Anyways, with your permissions you have: read-write for Owner, read for Group, and read for World. There is no execute bit set.
To fix this, you need to change the permissions of the file using 'chmod'. For example, 'chmod 777' gives rwx permissions to Owner, Group, and World.
These numbers are created from adding up whatever permissions you want.
r = 4
w = 2
x = 1
So, if you want Owner to have rwx, Group to have rx, and World to have to read, you would do 'chmod 754'
You can see the owner and group per file from an ls -l like you did. The first name is the user, and the second is the group. For you, they are both named the same here.
Hopefully this gave you at least a basic understanding of file permissions. If not, I'm sorry. I was watching Parks and Recreation as I wrote this :)
Permission Denied Error In Dev C++

Permission Denied Error In Dev C Download

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