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Aug 14, 2015  OS X Yosemite is Apple's operating system for Mac. An elegant design that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. The apps you use every day, enhanced with new features. And a completely new relationship between your Mac and iOS devices. OS X Yosemite will change how you see your Mac. And what you can do with it. Redesigned interface. Outlook Express is a desktop mail app that was included with pre-Windows 7 versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP.Outlook Express is no longer available or supported by Microsoft: it has been replaced by Windows Mail, an improved e-mail program with enhancements such as junk e-mail filtering and protection against phishing messages.

  • To use the new version your Mac must be running Mac OS X 10.9.4 or later (including Mac OS X Yosemite). You can continue to use Outlook 2011 right alongside Outlook.
  • Outlook for Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or later. Product functionality and feature availability may vary on older systems. For the best experience, use the most current build of any operating system specified above (Search Lifecycle Policy). The current version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. Get more details.
The problem:
Outlook app for mac os A friend has all his emails in Outlook Express on a G3 iMac running only Mac OS 9, and he wants to move them to his new Intel iMac. Unfortunately, Mail's import feature requires Outlook Express to be running. Thusly you need Classic, but Intel Macs don't have Classic.

Outlook Express For Mac Os X Yosemite

The solution:
Part 1: Import from Outlook to Mail
  1. On a PowerPC Mac with Mac OS X, create a new user account, ImportUser, with admin privileges (System Preferences -> Accounts -> + button). Login as this user. After the importing, we will delete this account.
  2. Run Outlook Express in Classic (found in /Applications (Mac OS 9) -> Outlook Express 5.02 Folder -> Outlook Express) under this new user account to set up its initial directories, then quit Outlook.
  3. Copy the contents of /Documents -> Microsoft User Data from the Mac OS 9 computer to /Users -> ImportUser -> Documents -> Microsoft User Data on the PowerPC Mac OS X computer. You may also want to copy Outlook's preferences from /System Folder -> Preferences to /Users -> ImportUser -> Library -> Preferences.
  4. Open Apple Mail under the ImportUser account. It will refuse to run until you set up an initial email account. I simply entered gibberish into all the fields, except for the email address and user name. It didn't appear to adversely affect the import.
  5. Start up Outlook under Classic; it should have loaded all the emails just like Outlook on the Mac OS 9 machine did.
  6. In Mail, choose File -> Import Mailboxes, select Outlook Express from the options, and click Continue. Mail should (very slowly) import all of the emails successfully. When it finishes, you can quit Mail and Outlook.

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Part 2: Import from Mail to Mail
  1. Copy the Mailboxes folder from /Users -> ImportUser -> Library -> Mail to the Desktop of the Intel Mac.
  2. Open Mail.app on the Intel Mac and choose File -> Import Mailboxes, select Mail for MacOS X, click Continue, and select the Mailboxes folder on your desktop.
  3. After you are sure Mail on the Intel Mac has successfully imported all of the messages, delete the ImportUser account from your PowerPC Mac as follows. Login as an administrator, go to System Preferences -> Accounts, select the user and click the minus button, then choose the 'Delete Immediately' option from the dialog.
A few notes and warnings..
  • Place a G3 iMac into target disk mode, connect it to an Intel Mac. The Intel's Finder will freeze and other weirdness will ensue.
  • Copy files to an iPod Shuffle in its default MS-DOS format, and your resource forks will be forgotten. Format it as HFS+ to get around this. Then use the iPod software to restore the iPod when you are done.
  • I used an iBook G4 running MacOS X 10.4.8 for the initial Outlook -> Mail import. Also, I typed this up from memory from what I did a few days ago, so some of the steps might not be totally exact.

Outlook Express For Mac Os X Yosemite 10 10 5

Outlook Express For Mac Os X Yosemite 10 10 Or Later

Hope this helps a few people avoid a hassle and just get their old emails onto their new Mac!