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In my excitement yesterday about the release of the new Macintosh operating system called “Lion“, I downloaded and installed the new OS without thinking about creating a bootable DVD since Lion is the first Apple OS to NOT come on DVD but rather be distributed via the App Store. Free brass vst download full. You will also be able to order a USB stick from Apple but that will be a bit of costly option, especially when.

For end user support please see the official Mac page. Initial support request can be sent to the [email protected] mailing list. If they cannot help you, please try at the Mac OpenOffice.org mailing list at [email protected] All bugs/build errors in the mac version and mac website errors can be sent here too.

Are you new and want to be a developer for OpenOffice.org Mac OS X? Then read the Introduction to Mac OS X porting

Developer news are available at Mac porting project news


Mac OS X related development pages

Running development snapshots

If you are interested in just trying out the cutting-edge development builds of OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X,the available development snapshot are listed in Mac OS X Development Builds -page. Pure c++ game dev tutorials reddit.

Openoffice For Macbook

Openoffice For Mac Os X Lion

Building OpenOffice.org

First a little word of warning: OpenOffice.org is neither a small nor a easy codebase to work with. The source code size is 1.5Gb and full build will take around 3Gb of disk space. The build time can be more than one full day, depending how fast your machine is.

If you have patience and good developments skills, go a head and read the Mac OS X Build Instructions

Known problems in OpenOffice.org X11 builds for Mac OS X

We are maintaining a List of OpenOffice.org Mac OS X issues and problems with the current stable and developer builds that are important to fix, but we have not been able to fix yet.

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