Mac Os X Roblox Works For All Except One User

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Jul 07, 2019  open me:) hello! Welcome to today’s new video! I will be teaching you guys how to jump to very high heights in roblox. This method uses bit slicer and is only available on mac os. Roblox Client will install on 10.7 (Lion) and higher - and Intel only Macs whereas the Roblox Studio will install on Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and above. Currently only the Intel chipset is supported. The Motorola Power PC is not supported. Creates all neccessary scripts for the gui on initial load, everything except build tools - Created by Ben T. 10/29/10 - Please note that these are loaded in a specific order to diminish errors/perceived load time by user CoreScripts CoreScripts BlockPlayerPromp.lua.

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Developer: Roblox Corporation
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: 2005

This game has hidden developer credits.
This game has unused objects.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused models.
This game has unused sounds.
This game has debugging material.

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    • We could also maybe document the crash canyon build that was released during the 2013 Virtual BLOXcon.
  • Separate website content from content that was actually integrated in the engine at some point.

Roblox is an online game creation platform that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by all kinds of users.

Despite having a notoriously toxic status in other online communities, the game engine itself is actually an impressive feat, featuring very powerful and flexible tools that allow for development across all sorts of hardware.

Mac os x roblox works for all except one username

As the game engine itself is constantly receiving new features and content, this article will be focused on features and content that have been removed from the game engine over the years, as well as the really old builds that have been hard to come by.

  • 2Unused Graphics
    • 2.8Unused Faces
  • 3Unused Meshes
  • 4Egg Hunts
  • 6Developer Credits


Removed Features
Features that have been removed from the game engine.
Removed Content
Files that were removed completely from Roblox.
Unused Studio Textures
Images embedded in Roblox Studio that are currently unused.

Unused Graphics

While these graphics aren't used by the actual developers of Roblox, anyone can use them in their games.When the game received a massive UI redo, a bunch of graphics from before the UI redo remained in the game's files.

Old Tix Icon

Although not so significant, the game used to have another currency called Tix that had been around since 2007. The currency was removed in 2016, leaving this texture unused.


Based off of the name and image, we can infer that this is an unused redesign for the robux icon

Old Robux Icon

An earlier version of the Robux currency icon, which was replaced in 2019. Since then this texture has never been used.


This image is grey square with rounded corners. It can be assumed that this is a 9-square image, which is used in Roblox development to give objects rounded corners, as up until recently, the GUI engine did not natively support rounded corners. The image was probably going to give the chat box rounded corners when the user is in VR, however this wasn't used and the chat box is the same as the desktop and mobile chat box, with square corners.

Unused Roblox Logo

In 2010, the Roblox website started using this logo. It was also used in the loading screen in early 2014. Because the loading screen was changed in the same year, and the logo itself was changed in 2015, this leaves this texture unused.

Unused Microphone Icon

An image exists in the game's files that contains a microphone icon. This had lead to speculation that Roblox would be receiving a voice chat functionality, but this is nowhere near proven or confirmed.

These files should not be moved.Instead, a WaveShell is placed in your host application's plugins folder. How to Use Waves Plugins when Using a Custom VST FolderLast updated on: 1/8/2020 8:58:23 AMAll Waves plugins are installed to a folder named 'Plug-Ins V11' (or the version you own), which is inside the Waves folder, located on your system hard drive. Waves billing for cracked vst.

Unused 2014 logo

In 2014, the Roblox website was going to use this logo, but they removed it. Many people say this might be fan-art and some think it is official, but for many people it is unknown.

Mac Os X Roblox Works For All Except One User List

Unused Faces

In an effort to phase away from their programmer art style, Roblox tried to propose new cartoony face styles and characters around 2012.
Due to the overwhelmingly negative community feedback, these face styles were scrapped (for the most part at least..), but they still remain uploaded on the catalog. The Sarge, Missy, and Max faces were shown in a post on the ROBLOX Blog.

  • Sarge

  • Kate

  • Dr. Smyth

    Platinum Expansion (CLAAS) Update 1.3.0 (.) The download is available on the official » Download Portal.Just download and install the latest version of the DLC again by using your existing product key. Farming simulator 2017 for mac os x el capitan. Farming Simulator 19. Mac OS X Digital. Select your prefered online store / payment method and then click BUY NOW to order. Farming Simulator 17. Mac OS X Digital. Select your prefered online store / payment method and then click BUY NOW to order.

  • Sad Sarge

  • Sarge Extreme

  • Pal

  • Missy

  • Max

  • Buddy

Hack of April 2012 Faces

These faces were not officially made by Roblox, but were created by players, and released 'officially' by the Roblox account during the hack of April 2012. Although the faces have been removed from the Catalog, the image files for them remain.

Mac Os X Roblox Works For All Except One User List

Face NameFace Image LinkImageDescription
c:https://www.roblox.com/library/76382977/c-ImageGotta luv dah cutie face c:.
hai guize derphttps://www.roblox.com/library/76385103/hai-guize-derp-Image(No description available)

Unused Meshes

In Roblox, meshes are models uploaded directly into the game with a specific ID and are usually used for making hats, gears, and other complex 3-D Materials.However, some appear to be completely unused.

Early Character Redesign

This appears to be an early attempt to redesign Roblox's character. The model was codenamed 'John', (most likely named after John Shedletsky, the first employee and former creative director of Roblox) and it is fully-modeled. It was placed on the Roblox blog in 2007 with a texture, and the textures were rediscovered on 10/27/2017, leaving the opportunity to create a recreation of the model. For whatever reason, it has a scale that makes it very large. This is a demonstration. The mesh can be found here.

Using the textures that were uploaded onto the site and fixing the UV maps on the mesh reveals some interesting things, namely that the hair texture was changed before it was uploaded onto the client and site. It's currently unknown if isolated versions of the limbs exist.


At one point, while badges were still in development, they were going to be a full-on customized mesh rather than just a shiny block with a circle-cropped image of whatever you uploaded as the icon on it. This texture seems to have been designed in such a way that it could be easily retextured by the player, however it's anyone's guess as to what was originally intended by the texture.

Two guesses that could be made is that either ROBLOX would automatically paste the image onto the indicated area, or, the player would have the option to texture it by themselves. It was probably scrapped because it seemed more practical to have a block with the image on it (and therefore more easily edited by the player) rather than have all badges automatically have a mesh such as this. Alternatively, it could also be inferred that ROBLOX didn't want to waste the time it would take to make an auto-generator for the aforementioned texture. Below is a mockup of what it would look like in-game with a badge texture.

Lego Tree

A Lego tree mesh with an unknown purpose.

Egg Hunts

The annual Egg Hunts usually have some cut content, as do a lot of events, due to the approaching deadlines.

Sumo Egg

The Sumo Egg was supposed to be an egg in the 2012 Roblox Egg Hunt that was cut from the final game. It is unknown how it would behave. It is notable for being one of the few eggs that uses an original mesh instead of the standard egg mesh used for most of the eggs.


There is a texture titled ColoredDotEgg that was created around the time of the 2013 Egg Hunt. It is based off of the Bit Trip series. It does not appear to work on the standard egg mesh (shown above).

Friend Egg

The Friend Egg was supposed to be used during the 2014 Egg Hunt. It is unknown how you would have obtained this egg but it might have been obtained by playing with a friend, or making friends during the event.

Gross Egg

The Gross Egg was supposed to be used in Egg Hunt 2018 that was cut. It is actually a retexture of the Malicious Egg from Egg Hunt 2014. There are also 2 other retextures of the Malicious Egg: one orange, the other purple. This is one of the few cancelled eggs to be put on the catalog.

Inviter Egg

This Egg is the oldest cancelled egg (that we have knowledge of) that exists. It was supposed to be used in the 2008 Egg Drop. It can be assumed that this egg was used in the now defunct Invite a Friend program, where users could email friends invite links to gain an Inviter badge on their profile.


Another Egg meant for the 2018 Egg Hunt, It is unknown which world this egg was supposed to be collected in, if this was a randomly spawning egg or an egg that you had to do a quest to obtain. This is one of the few cancelled eggs to be put on the catalog.

Mad Egg (Original Version)

This is the early version of the Mad Egg that was used in the 2015 Egg Hunt. This was replaced with a dark red egg with two fancy knives stuffed in the top part.

Battle Egg

An egg meant for the 2013 Egg hunt based on another Roblox game called 'Roblox Battle', It might have been a cross promotion with Roblox Battle.

Korblox Egg

This was supposed to be used in the 2016 Egg Hunt

Stooge Egg Shell

An egg made around the time of the 2012 Egg Hunt, The Stooge Egg that was used was yellow instead of white and it had no cracks. The Stooge Egg was a promotion for The Three Stooges film.

Dragon Scale Egg

Yet another egg meant for 2018, It looks rather unfinished so it was probably cut early and replaced by the Dreggon.

Unused Sounds

Many of these sounds are unused, but due to the fact that it can be accessed in the library, many people have used the sounds in their own games.

File NameDescriptionSound File
bfsl-minifigfoots2.mp3A low quality walking sound.
Rubber band.wavA low quality version of the slingshot sound.
Kid saying Ouch.wavA low quality sound of a kid saying 'Ouch'. It might be an early death sound.
glassbreak.wavA loud sound effect of glass breaking.
Kerplunk.wavA 'kerplunk' sound. This was used in the 2008 'Egg Rain' as one of the eggs made this sound upon contact.
Launching rocket.wavAn unused, low quality rocket launcher sound effect. This sound eventually was used for multiple Admin-made tools.
Shoulder fired rocket.wavAnother low quality unused rocket launcher sound effect.
victory.wavThe 'Ta-Da!' sound effect from Windows 3.1. This was used in around 2010 and it played whenever you collected a badge.
flashbulb.wavA short bumping sound.
snap.wavA loud snap.

Developer Credits

In several game scripts, developer credits are present.

To do:
Get the other scripts here.







CoreScriptsCoreScriptsGamepadMenu.lua & GamepadMenuOld.lua




Mac Os X Roblox Works For All Except One Username








Debug Information

The game has couple of debugging tools built in which can be enabled and disabled on command.

Key CombinationResultScreenshot
Ctrl+Shift+F1-Ctrl+Shift+F7Shows various things about the game like the physics engine. Can't be interacted with.

F1 shows general information.F2 shows graphics information.F3 shows network information.F4 shows performance information.F5 shows a cutdown version of F4.F6 shows a modified microprofiler that is configured to work with Roblox.F7 shows the 'Performance Stats' (also can be enabled in the game's options).

F9 or typing /console into chatShows the game's Lua script logs, to determine what is going on in the background. Intended for game developers to debug their games online. If you own the game, you can access a Server Logs menu which allows you to type Lua commands while the game is running.

Interestingly enough, the F1-F7 debug menus are the only remnants remaining of Roblox's legacy hard-coded UI system, from the ages prior to late 2009.
Almost all of the old built-in UI elements have been removed from the engine, in favour of using the publically accessible, Lua player GUIs.

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Over the course of 2016 and in years past, Roblox has expanded to new and exciting platforms. But, as you can imagine, maintaining and developing unified code that runs across all of our available platforms – PC, Mac, Mobile, Xbox One, and Oculus Rift – is not an easy feat, especially as we ambitiously pursue other popular devices. In recent months, we’ve been hard at work tackling even bigger projects that will help make it easier for us to bring Roblox to the next level. Occasionally, however, we have to make important compromises that outweigh our desire to support older hardware and software configurations.

Mac Os X Roblox Works For All Except One User Guide

In order for us to expand to more platforms and retain a clean, unified code, we have decided to discontinue support for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). This change will take effect in the next two weeks.

OS X 10.6 users will still be able to browse Roblox.com and participate in all web-based features. Our analytics show that less than 1% of Roblox players use OS X 10.6. If you currently use OS X 10.6 and would like to continue playing and building games, we recommend that you update your Mac’s operating system to at least OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher. Newer versions of OS X provide better performance, stability, and security for your computer.

Mac Os X Roblox Works For All Except One User Guide

We don’t make decisions like these lightly. We understand that this transition can be difficult for a small subset of users and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your understanding.


Q. Why is Roblox discontinuing support for Mac OS X 10.6?

At this time, we are prioritizing a unified code base and development of Roblox for future platforms. Apple no longer supports OS X 10.6, nor do many common desktop applications, like Chrome and Firefox.

Q: I have a Mac. How can I tell if I’m running Mac OS X 10.6?

Go to the Apple Menu, then click “About This Mac.” If it says less than “Version 10.7,” you will need to upgrade to keep playing and building in Roblox.


Q. How can I update my Mac to keep playing Roblox?

It’s free, and it’s easy to update your Mac to the latest operating system, OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Please visit Apple’s website for more information about hardware requirements. If your Mac cannot handle the latest operating system, you can call Apple direct at 1 800 MY APPLE to purchase previous OS X updates.

Q. Can I still browse Roblox.com on Mac OS X 10.6?

Yes. You can continue to browse the website and participate in all of our social and economy features.

Q. Where should I go if I have other questions?

If you have any further questions, please visit our Mac support page here.