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Apple has announced the Mac OS Sierra as the next version of Mac system software. During its presentation that took place at the WWDC 2016 conference, the new macOS sierra was versioned as Mac OS X 10.12 and will be accessible as a free copy for all compatible Macs. The Mac OS 10.12 final comes with a lot of amazing features. The latest version of Apple's operating system was released only half a year ago, in September 2016, and is named macOS Sierra. It is the first OS that bears the new 'macOS' name instead of the 'Mac OS X' that we were used to. MacOS Sierra is the successor of OS X El Capitan, and got its name from the Sierra Nevada ountain range in California. In the case of Mac OSX Sounds the customization is exclusively for the audio part of the operating system and, as the name suggests, it is designed to replace the sounds in Windows with those.

Oct 26, 2017 To start, we’ll need to create an ISO file of macOS High Sierra’s installer, so we can load it in VirtualBox on our Windows machine. Grab your borrowed Mac, head to the Mac App Store, search for Sierra, and click “Download.” When the process is done, the installer will launch—that’s okay, just close it with Command+Q. Mac OS Sierra is one of the most useful operating systems among other operating systems for Mac, this article will help you to create easily your flash Bootable for Mac, as in previous article I wrote the article How to create bootable USB for Mac OS Mojave on windows 10 using Unibeast there are many ways to create a Bootable USB for Mac OS.

In this article, I want to show you How to create a Bootable USB for Mac OS Sierra with TransMac. Mac OS Sierra is one of the most useful operating systems among other operating systems for Mac, this article will help you to create easily your flash Bootable for Mac, as in previous article I wrote the article How to create bootable USB for Mac OS Mojave on windows 10 using Unibeast there are many ways to create a Bootable USB for Mac OS Sierra, But this will be easy to create, I recommend you to try once with TransMac.

Why We use TransMac for Mac OS Sierra?

TransMac from Acute Systems is Windows software that can copy and manage files and folders on Apple drives and devices, including Mac-formatted hard drives, flash drives, and other storage devices, as well as open and burn disc images and .dmg and .sparseimage files. It’s shareware that you can try for free for 15 days. Recent updates include an improved open file dialog, speed enhancements, and Windows 8 compatibility.

TransMac for Windows can open the Macintosh file and Apple file system, it consists of high features that format Disk drives, USB drives, HD floppy drives, CD/DVD, DMG, and it can split and merge files of HFS+APFS dmg disk images. The win is Win and Mac is Mac it can be used compatibility for both, and the user can use this software for whether Windows or Mac. Or you can install TransMac Zip file or executable file too.

Now for Creating a Bootable USB you need this below require that you should download that, after that, you can mac your USB Bootable for Mac OS Sierra.

  • USB drive at least 8 to 16 GB



Apple Mac Os Sierra Download

Now create Bootable USB for Mac OS Sierra with TransMac

Before going to Create USB Bootable for Mac OS Sierra you need to download and install TransMac. therefore, you can download the required software from the given above link, and follow the steps How to install that.

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Step 1. On welcome to the TransMac setup Wizard click Next. on the next screen on TransMac License Agreement select I Accept the agreement and click Next.

TransMac Installation

Step 2. After clicking next, in this step select the destination Location, and click Next. on select start menu folder click Next.

Step 3. In this step of Select Additional tasks, select Put an icon on the desktop, Associate TransMac with. dmg and, sparseimage files, and on the Ready to Install Hit Install. wait for a minute to install the TransMac successfully.

TransMac Installation

Now Run TransMac for creating Bootable USB

Step #1. After that, you have successfully download TransMac software and completed the installation process so therefore you need to open that for creating USB a bootable USB. Therefore, Righ>click on TransMac and select Run as Administrator.

Step #2. In this step, while you launch the TransMac so After that the flash disc will appear there, and you need to Right>click and select the Format Disk for Mac.

Step #3. In this step, This disk may contain Mounted PC volumes. formatting will overwrite them. Are you sure you want to continue? then click on YES.

Format Warning

Step #4. After clicking on Yes, in this screen another option will come that select a Volume Name, It is optional and clicks on OK.

Step #5. In this step, your disk will be asked to format and click Yes, then wait for a minute for completing the process.

Warning of formatting the disk

Step #6. After that, you successfully formatted the disk for mac. Therefore, in this step again Right>Click on the USB drive and select Restore with Disk Image.

Step #7. In this step warning, select Yes to continue.

Warning message for Mac

Step #8. A new dialog box will appear so click on given option to browse for DMG file of Mac OS Sierra.

Next #Step

Step #9. In this step select the Mac OS Sierra DMG and click Open.

Select Mac OS sierra DMG file


Step #10. In this, you will see that Mac OS Sierra is the selected file that you want to copy that on your USB.

Step #11. In this step, click on “YES” it will take at least 30 up to 35 minutes to copy the Mac OS Sierra DMG file, Just be patient and wait to copy.

Final Warning


Now you are successfully done! and created a Bootable USB for Mac OS Sierra and now you are ready to install the Mac OS Sierra operating system on your computer. So that’s all about How to Create a Bootable USB for Mac OS Sierra on windows using TransMac, Therefore, if you faced any problem feel free and comment on the comment box, and share your ideas and opinions, furthermore, we will discuss on that.

High Sierra is an update of MacOS which focuses mostly on back-end developments and a higher level of user security. As such, this operating system lays a foundation for future upgrades.

Stay safe

Mac Os Sierra Sounds For Windows 7

In essence, High Sierra took what was good with Sierra and developed it into a more comprehensive software.

High Sierra emphasizes the already-existing benefits of MacOS previous system, Sierra. There are few bells and whistles, but the changes are noticeable and positive. The Apple file system is the most significant feature it brought. It enables the storage and encryption of a large number of files. Thus, it boosts performance and helps manage device memory issues.

Apple also introduced new formats for video and photos in this version. These formats compress data - that’s a benefit as files can get huge with ever-rising resolutions. They added support for virtual reality headsets as well.

Besides that, when it comes to Safari, Mac search engine, there are some notable improvements with the update. The users can now control annoying auto-play videos, prevent tracking, and more. There are also notification controls, and you will experience a boost in performance, too.

Boot to boot camp mac. In Windows on your Mac, do one of the following: Restart using Startup Manager: Restart your Mac, then immediately press and hold the Option key. Restart using Boot Camp Control Panel: Click in the right side of the taskbar, click the Boot Camp icon, then choose Restart in macOS.

The most noticeable changes took place in Apple’s Photo App, though. It went through a total revamp both visually in its interface and terms of tools and functions available. Many other discreet changes happened all over the system.

Where can you run this program?

If you’re running Sierra on your Mac, you will be able to run this one as well.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Mojave, the newest version of MacOS, brought even more improved features to the table. However, if you can’t run it on your device, this is the second best.

Our take

High Sierra is not the shiniest upgrade Apple brought, but it’s one that sets the stage for new upgrades to come. Even out of that context, it’s a great operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes, if your device can support it. The new options and better security settings are worth getting.