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Nov 07, 2008  I use an Xponent with Traktor PRO and everything appears stable. I haven't had any unexpected crashes or glitches. This is on a freshly reinstalled OSX implementation (10.5.2 w/ no updates). Please keep in mind I'm also using an Audio 8 soundard, NOT the Xponent's. That may be part of your issue. IMO that soundcard is nothing but trouble. Nov 09, 2010  I'm using a Mac Book Pro its Traktor pro 1.2.4 Xponet works on Torq on my windows desktop. I'm not too familiar with Traktor i just bought it to try it out. And spare TSI's would be nice. I loaded 1 TSI got the crossfader to work but i cant get the the rest of my xponent to do anything else. Boot camp mac what does it do.

This is my own custom mapping for Traktor Pro 2.6, complete with lights, Flux mode, and platter control. Completely show-ready.Traktor audio 2 mk2 driver
Key Features:

  • Lights fully programmed
  • Flux mode capable (with on/off toggle)
  • Deck control
  • Advanced FX
  • Pitch Range Toggle
  • Full platter control
Important Notes:

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  • The map assumes FX are set to advanced, not chained mode.
  • To enable LED output, hold cuepoint 2 and the padlock button on the left hand deck while the unit is turning on (Track Progress LEDs lighting up). Don't open Traktor until AFTER this step is completed.
  • Sync buttons are in hold mode, not toggle. Therefore, tracks will come out of sync if you change the tempo of the master without holding the sync button for the other deck
  • I did not program the B Bank for decks C & D yet. 4 deck control is coming in version 2.0

I hope you enjoy!

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M-audio Xponent Traktor Pro 2 Tsi