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Oct 02, 2019 Forums Products TRAKTOR Area TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO TRAKTOR PRO PUBLIC BETA TEST Feature Request Beatport Link Discussion in ' Feature Request ' started by gillster11, Oct 2, 2019. May 14, 2019  Beatport LINK: Stream Beatport’s Library Into DJ Software. Concurrent with Pioneer DJ’s announcement of the new DDJ-200 controller and WeDJ 2.0 app, Beatport LINK is being launched today. The subscription service ($14.99/month; 30 day trial available) will allow DJs to load streaming tracks directly into DJ software. .2 Beatport LINK is a subscription service for DJs that makes Beatport’s catalog of over 6 million tracks available to stream directly into performance software such as rekordbox dj. The upgraded subscription plans, Beatport LINK PRO and Beatport LINK PRO+, also include an offline locker for up to 50 or 100 tracks respectively, allowing you. May 29, 2019 Please add Spotify and Beatport Link streaming services with the option to play offline. I will transmit this feedback to the Traktor team.

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Beatport has just announced Beatport Pro, a free updated version of its offline store browser for Mac, but now with tools and features aimed squarely at helping DJs organise their music collections too. It claims to offer a more convenient and specialised music library management solution for DJs, with better genre, metadata and filter handling, and the ability to work with samples and stems as easily as whole tracks.

What’s more, as Beatport Pro’s library can be “read” inside DJ software in the same way your iTunes library can, Beatport is claiming on this basis that it “integrates seamlessly with Rekordbox, Traktor and Serato” – making it the first non-iTunes music organisation software to do this.

New, DJ-friendly search filters and tag attributes let you view and search your DJ music library in creative ways, plus you can add extended metadata information to your entire collection from within the app (batch processing) – something it’s hard to find in Mac ID3 tag editors. The software appears to work fine with all music, not just that bought from the Beatport store.

Beatport Pro For Pc

Our first thoughts

While iTunes may be the most practical media library software (which is why the vast majority of DJs use it), it isn’t the most powerful and is designed for general music and media management not specifically for DJs, so it’s not perfect at this task by any means. As DJ music libraries continue to grow in size and complexity, there is an increasing need for management software that can intelligently categorise audio types and parse collections based on more specialised search criteria and attributes. Beatport Pro is the first serious stab at filling in that niche for us DJs, and as long as it does indeed handle all your music (and not just Beatport purchases) in the same way, it is definitely worth a closer look.

Those who know us well at Digital DJ Tips will know that far from seeing music library organisation as a non-glamorous chore, we think it’s probably the most important thing that separates good DJs from great ones, and have dedicated many column inches and video minutes to helping our readers get this right – so we’re very much looking forward to bringing you our view on Beatport Pro in the next week or so having played with it. Watch this space!


• The software is due for release imminently, for Mac only, and is free. Find out more on the Beatport Pro website.

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What do you think of this? Are you tired of having to create playlists in iTunes? Are you in want of a more efficient music management app, or on the other hand, are you content with creating playlists from within your DJ software? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pioneer DJ just released a public beta for the latest version of its Rekordbox software. Version 5.6.1 now lets you stream music via SoundCloud Go+ as well as Beatport Link when spinning with Rekordbox DJ. Beatport Link is Beatport’s subscription service that lets you play music from its catalogue of over 6,000,000 songs.

You’ll need a Beatport Link subscription to stream using Rekordbox DJ, and there are three plans available: Beatport Link (US$14.99/month), Beatport Link Pro (US$39.99/month), and Beatport Link Pro+ (US$59.99/month). The Pro plan lets you save 50 songs offline while Pro+ lets you save 100 songs, great for when you’re spinning at a venue without a WiFi or 4G / LTE connection.

Classic Beatport Pro

We’ve talked extensively about why streaming is the future of digital DJing, and that future seems closer than ever. The DDJ-200 released last May makes digital DJing accessible for anyone with a smartphone running Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app and Beatport Link, and we’re now starting to see that DJ streaming experience trickle into Pioneer DJ’s desktop Rekordbox app. Beatport Link is already accessible via some Denon DJ gear with more coming later this year – could Pioneer DJ hardware be next? We’ll have to wait and see…

• Rekordbox 5.6.1 beta is available now for Mac users. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

Dev c++ user guide pdf. Have you tried DJing with music from a streaming service yet? What has your experience been like? Let us know below.

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