License Error Auto-tune 8 Native

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The below information only applies to Antares plug-ins that are authorized with iLok. (If you're not sure if your Antares plug-ins use iLok authorization, see this article for help.)

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Step 1 - Register your license to your iLok account

License error auto-tune 8 native version

Step 2 - Activate your license to your iLok USB dongle

License Error Auto-tune 8 Native Version


1. Plug your iLok into your computer.

2. Open the iLok License Manager application and log in to your iLok account.

3. Click the 'Available' tab at the top of the iLok License Manager.

4. Find the license you are trying to activate, and drag it onto your iLok.

5. You'll be asked if you would like to activate the license. Click 'OK' to complete the activation.