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    Install Disk Creator 1.4.1 LATEST

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    Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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    Mar 12, 2020  On a Mac that is compatible with El Capitan, open the disk image and run the installer within, named InstallMacOSX.pkg. It installs an app named Install OS X El Capitan into your Applications folder. It installs an app named Install OS X El Capitan into your Applications folder. Making a boot drive for mac el capitan. May 15, 2020  A bootable installer for macOS El Capitan is a good idea even if your plan is to perform an upgrade install. Having your own copy of El Capitan on a separate device ensures that you'll always be able to install or reinstall it.It also helps in performing basic troubleshooting tasks, even if you have no connection to the internet or access to the Mac App Store. If you want to erase the drive on a Mac before installing El Capitan, or start over at any time, you can use a dedicated installer drive to boot that Mac, erase its drive, and then install the OS.

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    Install Disk Creator for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac

Install Disk Creator for Mac

Sep 28, 2017 Is it a 5GB app, or a much smaller stub? Finder - Get Info should tell you. The Stub is 19MB and is a firmware check. If your firmware does not know how to boot the new APFS file system, then the Stub will arrange to update the firmware before allowing your get the full installer, and possibly brick your Mac, after installing High Sierra and your SSD boot disk is converted to APFS. The idea behind a macOS Clean Install When you install a new major version of OS X, or after some time has passed, it is a good idea to do a clean install (that is, to erase the disk you are installing OS X onto as part of the installation process). That will make your Mac run blazingly fast for a few months or more, and many people report that it fixes longstanding problems they’ve had too. The application — compatible with macOS 10.7 and higher (including 10.3 High Sierra) makes creating an operating system install disk a simple process: you just download the macOS installer from the Mac App Store, run the Install Disk Creator app, and select a drive to create the installation disk on.

is a lightweight system utility that can help Mac users of any knowledge levels to quickly and easily create bootable MacOS disk with just a few clicks of a mouse. Created from the ground up to be straightforward and intuitive, Install Disk Creator for macOS successfully manages to simplify the process of creation of bootable disks used for installation of OS X / MacOS on your machines. All that it requires is that OS installer is present on your local drive, and for you to pick the target drive where you want to install a new OS. Macos disk creator
While the procedure of creating new bootable macOS disks can be performed manually, it requires some time and knowledge to do properly. This app simplifies these tasks, enabling users who are not familiar with this procedure to create bootable macOS disks in seconds.
Installation and Use
Install Disk Creator comes inside a very lightweight and quick installation package that can be loaded to your mac in mere seconds. Upon starting the app, you will be welcomed with a single screen interface with a minimal number of tools. You essentially have just three options for setting up the creation of bootable OS X / Mac OS drives – you must select the target volume where bootable OS will be installed (this can be either a specific hard drive or a portable USB stick), you must select the OS X installer package (which can be either from your current OS files or from any local storage location), and then simply click the “Create Installer” button. You can follow the completion status of the creation of the new bootable drive via the progress bar.
It is very important to note that the selected target volume does not hold files that you still need since that specific volume will be fully erased before bootable OS is installed. Ensure that all your important data is safely backed up before using this app.

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Install Disk Creator for Mac
does not feature any additional settings or configurations. The app is made to be self-contained, meaning it will not leave any trace on your OS, enabling streamlined uninstallation that will remove any trace of this app from your system. To uninstall it, simply drag and drop it to the trash icon in your Finder.
Features and Highlights
  • Build bootable install disks with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Simplified interface.
  • Well suited to both novices and seasoned technicians.
  • Light on resources.
  • Available on Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only).
  • 100% Free!

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