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Created with leading electronic music duo Infected Mushroom, Pusher is an innovative multiband sonic enhancer and limiter/clipper that delivers Infected Mushroom's “secret mixing sauce.' Pusher brings together high-end processing and Infected Mushroom's decades of mixing experience to give you enormous possibilities fo. © 2018 Infected Mushroom. All Rights Reserved.

Polyverse Music has introduced Wider, a free stereo width plugin, created in collaboration with Infected Mushroom.

Wider takes the stereo section from its sibling, Manipulator, and gives you the ability to expand the stereo image of any signal to ‘an awe-inspiring amount of width’. Play cooking fever online free without downloading. It does this in a way, though, that is completely “mono-compatible”, meaning that any signal that has been extended will always remain in phase with itself, even if summed to mono.

Infected Mushroom Wider Vst

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Wider is available now as a free download for Mac & Windows.