How To Rotate An Image In Dev C++

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Specifically, std::rotate swaps the elements in the range first, last) in such a way that the element nfirst becomes the first element of the new range and nfirst - 1 becomes the last element. A precondition of this function is that first, nfirst) and nfirst, last) are valid ranges. Dec 18, 2007  Rotate the image. C / C Forums on Bytes. Well, you could look for some sort of rotate function in a library, and use that, or you could write a function to move it yourself, as if you're rotating 180 degrees, you're taking the pixel in (1,1( and moving it to (max,max) - and conversely, (max,max) to (1,1).

How To Rotate An Image In Dev C++

This topic demonstrates how to rotate an IWICBitmapSource by using an IWICBitmapFlipRotator component.


To flip and rotate a bitmap source

  1. Create an IWICImagingFactory object to create Windows Imaging Component (WIC) objects.

  2. Use the CreateDecoderFromFilename method to create an IWICBitmapDecoder from an image file.

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  3. Get the first IWICBitmapFrameDecode of the image.

    The JPEG file format only supports a single frame. Because the file in this example is a JPEG file, the first frame (0) is used. For image formats that have multiple frames, see How to Retrieve the Frames of an Image for accessing each frame of the image.

  4. Create the IWICBitmapFlipRotator to use for flipping the image.

  5. Initialize the flip/rotator object with the image data of the bitmap frame flipped horizontally (along the vertical y-axis).

    See WICBitmapTransformOptions for additional rotations and flipping options.

  6. Draw or process the flipped bitmap source.


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    The IWICBitmapFlipRotator interface inherits from the IWICBitmapSource interface, so you can use the initialized flip/rotator object anywhere that accepts a IWICBitmapSource.

    The following illustration demonstrates flipping an imaging horizontally (along the vertical x-axis).

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