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  • Hi all.

    Im hoping someone can help me. Im new to this digital djing lark, specifically the software. I use an S2 and Traktor Pro 2.6

    Im having serious problems sorting the autogains out.

    All i want is to set up Traktor so i can mix a set, with a headroom of say -3db so i get no clipping, and to have each song at the same volume without having to manually mess with the totalgain knobs on the S2 as these values are moving all over the place.

    In the prefs i set autogain on for each new loaded track, and in the track layout i have the “total db” showing for each track as i load them, but they started off at say -2.6 db and then went totally random, one even went as low as -9db – even though in my headphones they sounded roughly the same volume.

    Could someone please explain to me, as if i were a 2 year old (:P) I just want it simple, same volume throught mix, no clipping, but as loud when i play the mix back on my ipod as any other podcast/mix sounds.



    I use Traktor too and one thing I’ve read in some blogs and forums was ”don’t trust Traktor Auto-Gain”, so I never use it.

    But what I could say to you it’s that if in your headphones the tracks sound the same, than it’s because probably everything it’s working fine, trust your ears first.

    There are a couple of software out there that can help you normalize the gain of you’re tracks (by normalizing I mean setting the tracks at the same volume), some of them have already been mentioned in the blog, MP3 Gain it’s one of them, but I’ve haven’t tried yet.

    That is the auto gain. Autogain does not mean that every track db is the same on your screen. It means that Traktor adjust the volume (the dB) of each track, so that they are all at the same level.

    For instance the first track you play traktor sets the gain at – 0.5 If the second track is louder then the first track Trakor sets the gain on that track at let’s say -1.0 so it’s matches the volume of the first track. So the reason the gain settings seems random is because lots of different tracks have lots of different volumes. Safari update for mac os x snow leopard.

    If you want your mix too be not too loud, the best thing too do is to turn down the main volume. So your recording is not too loud. From there on you can turn up the volume of the complete mix. You can do this in audacity or with MP3 gain programs. But I think you can learn all those things in the upcoming mixtape pro formula course. Best thing to do is to not record too loud. because once it is distorted it is nearly impossible to fix.

    I also would encourage you to learn to manually set the gain of each track. You don’t have to learn it right away. But I think it is good to have that skill. It is not really hard to learn but it let’s you listen closely to your music. And if you one day play on set up without Traktor ( CDJ’s maybe ) you know what to do.

    Cheers for the replies guys,

    So i get that the db showing can be random, depending on the recorded volume etc.

    So technically if i have autogain on in prefs, once ive loaded a song, the 2nd, 3rd tracks etc should all be matched “volume-wise” yes? I shouldnt have to touch the individual track gains on the S2?

    This is what im thinking “should” happen, but some of the tunes are very very different in volume, even with autogain enabled. Also when 1 is miles out of the red on the VU the next sometimes flies into the red straight away?

    Or is this what Ruben was talking about with not trusting Traktor to autogain for u? 😛



    “So technically if i have autogain on in prefs, once ive loaded a song, the 2nd, 3rd tracks etc should all be matched “volume-wise” yes? I shouldnt have to touch the individual track gains on the S2?”

    (Sorry I don’t know how to use a quote 😀 )

    That’s right. But I find Traktor autogain highly unreliable, for the very same reasons you mentioned. So that is why I set the gains myself. But I started DJ ing with vinyl. So I am kinda used to it. I really think the best method is to use a combination of your ears and the vu meters, which your S2 has.


    So now i understand! Thats m8 lol.

    I thought it was me messing with the gains that was causing this issue, perhaps its just Traktor doing it wrong for me sometimes 😛

    Yea i started years ago with vinyl too so im used to just using my ears and adjusting gain as i was beatmatching in my ears. Its this new software stuff thats completely new to me 😛 I just assumed it would and SHOULD do all that for me now 😛

    Cheers again!

    Personally, I don’t do autogain. I stem from the stone age where, if you were lucky, you’d have volume meters per channel and gain knobs. More often than not it was just channel faders and your ears (which are worth peanuts when it comes to volume levels).

    Once gain knobs and meters became commonplace, I got into the habit of setting gain for EVERY track I load. It never seemed worthwile to unlearn that skill to go autogain. Especially if you use various equipment and play out on house systems at venues where you can’t use your laptop for instance (like CDJ-environments). In my mobile setup I will use iPhone from time to time (I don’t have an internet connection active on my DJ laptop and will use the download from iTunes on my iPhone if there is something I feel I must use that instant) and even occasionally some old-fashioned vinyl and/or CDs.

    All of those don’t work with autogain. This way I never get caught off-guard.

    Personal taste, I am sure, but I’ll do it myself.



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Traktor pro 3.1
Hey everyone!
Currently in the transition process of learning my new setup, going from the S4 hardware to the Xone 92 Mixer with Kontrol x1. Everything is off to a great start (or so I think) but I have a couple of questions.
I’m noticing that my “Hi” and “MidHi” eq’s are a lot stronger than the S4. While mixing, it’s honestly noticeable that the “Hi’s” stand out. I know this is a professional club mixer, or just perhaps I have something set up wrong. In the settings of Traktor I have “Eq Type” set to “Xone” and with the newest update, I noticed that “Match to connected NI hardware mixers” is checked. Could the built in filters have something to do with this? The levels for these eq's never get pass 0.
My next question refers to “Mix Recorder”. The output “Record” on the Xone is running directly to the Audio 10 main input on the front. When I do record a set, the sound quality is very low. It’s almost as half the volume is cut. Here is a link to a pic showing the waveform. Top is recorded mix and bottom track is a normal 320 mp3. My settings for this are:
Source: External
External Input: Input FX Send(Ext)
My complete build is:
Macbook Pro
Traktor 2.7.1 - Scratch Pro
Traktor Audio 10
Xone 92 Mixer
Kontrol x1
Sennheiser HD 25-II Headphones
2 - Pioneer S-DJ50X Monitors

Traktor Pro 2 Mac

Jun 03, 2011  Say I'm about to load two tracks up in Traktor (with autogain off) to record something. Before I start mixing/recording, should I normalize both tracks individually with a program (Mp3Gain) and then record, or is it better to just normalize the single recorded track after the mixing is done and recorded? Thanks ahead! Mar 12, 2014  TRAKTOR PRO has become a standard in digital DJing. Mix digital files on four decks, using the high-quality internal mixer or external hardware, and the best effects suite around. Fully primed for professional use, TRAKTOR PRO redefines the art of DJing. TRAKTOR PRO sets the standard for power, reliability, and creativity in DJing.