How To Install Allegro 5 In Dev C++

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I would say SFML but that is just me.
For SFML I feel the pros are Amazing documentation and a very simple to use and organized API design. Is a quite fast API in my opinion and yes it does give you easy access to openGL since it was built with it.
Also there should be almost no problems with installing it now since they have precompiled versions for a lot of the major IDE's/Compilers.
I am also really liking the book that just came out on it. It seems well written except for a few grammatical mistakes that I have noticed when skimming but that is expected.
It was refreshing to hear right at the beginning of the book that they are going to put emphasis on using C++11 features and good habits. They even go into RAII as early as page 36 and then on the very next page we are off to using std::unique_ptr's :). I only just received it today and have only skimmed it but from what I have seen it looks like a great book for anyone interested in SFML game development.
But really ultimately it is up to you and whatever library you feel most comfortable with. Weigh the pros and cons for you and not what everyone else thinks. Not every library is a one size fit all type thing, so choose whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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How To Install Allegro 5 In Dev C++

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Aug 22, 2015  How to install Free Open Source Dev C IDE on Windows 7 8 10 for C & C program languages - Duration: 6:01. Apple vst video systems test download. Deed training and development 73,847 views. Dec 11, 2018  Tutorial Instalando Dev C e Allegro 5 no Windows 8/10 - Duration. Download and install Allegro 5 binaries in MinGW compiler. Allegro 5 tutorial - Duration: 4:42. MacOS X binaries. Allegro 5 can be found in the allegro package on homebrew.See the wiki tutorial for more details. For Linux distributions based on Ubuntu (and Ubuntu itself), you can download binary packages for Allegro 5 by adding the a PPA to your software sources, and then installing the relevant packages. See the wiki tutorial for more details.