How To Increase Font Size In Dev C++ Output

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Hello friends., I have been programming games like Boggle and other word games using c. For that i have to execute the program in the maximized mode.
Usually in my compiler programs will run in small window. So, Instead of maximizing every time during running., Is there any function or atleast a system level command like to maximize the console screen..??
I'm using Code Blocks IDE with gcc complier in windows 7..
Please help me., i've been searching answer for this for a long time. Any help will be much grateful. Thank you. :-) ;-)
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How To Increase Font Size In Dev C++ Output Chart

Dec 01, 2007  Hey, Scripting Guy! I have an HTA that displays data in a span. Download bark of dog vst free for windows 10. Depending on the size of their monitor, some of my users complain that the font size in that span is too small. How can I programmatically change the font size of a span?—. I need your help. I trying to change the font of texts displayed in the output of my program. I know that we can use settextstyle for changing fonts. But there are only four types of fonts( GOTHIC, SANS SERIFF, TRIPLEX, DEFAULT) available. I want to use some other fonts like Lucida calligraphy. Dec 17, 2016  IF any queries please comment below. Keep supporting us. Subscribe for more Hope you are enjoying click here for subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel.

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