How To Clear Screen In Dev C++

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Dec 24, 2008  I need a C command to clear screen? The C and C standard libraries do not have routines which handle hardware on that low level - which it is. They do have a straightforward means to model hardware logically, but what most people don't learn about gcc (which on windows is cygwin, mingw or Dev-C) is that it was designed as and its. Clear screen in dev c. C / C Forums on Bytes. How do i clear the screen using dev c. Is there a built in function, if so, what header function should i use. Please note, thi is dev c. May 11, 2010  problems with clrscr in Dev C? How can u use clrcsr in Dev C? 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. I believe that is a function to clear the screen in a console if I'm not mistaken. You should check out QTCreator. It is free, and open source. Not to mention cross platform.



Clears the console buffer and corresponding console window of display information.


How To Clear My Screen

An I/O error occurred.

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The following example uses the Clear method to clear the console before it executes a loop, prompts the user to select a foreground and background color and to enter a string to display. If the user chooses not to exit the program, the console's original foreground and background colors are restored and the Clear method is called again before re-executing the loop.

The example relies on a GetKeyPress method to validate the user's selection of a foreground and background color.

This example demonstrates the CursorLeft and CursorTop properties, and the SetCursorPosition and Clear methods. The example positions the cursor, which determines where the next write will occur, to draw a 5 character by 5 character rectangle using a combination of '+', ' ', and '-' strings. Note that the rectangle could be drawn with fewer steps using a combination of other strings.


Using the Clear method is equivalent invoking the MS-DOS cls command in the command prompt window. When the Clear method is called, the cursor automatically scrolls to the top-left corner of the window and the contents of the screen buffer are set to blanks using the current foreground background colors.


Attempting to call the Clear method when a console application's output is redirected to a file throws a IOException. To prevent this, always wrap a call to the Clear method in a trycatch block.

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I just downloaded Dev c++ because the complier i was using (TC LITE) didn't allow me to make exe files. It also wasn't windows based which is a pain editing in.

How To Clear Screen

What i am trying to do is get it to use clrscr(). I was looking at http://www.bloodshed.net/faq.html#6 and i found this:
12. I am having problems using Borland specific functions such as clrscr()
Include conio.h to your source, and add C:Dev-C++Libconio.o to 'Further Object Files' in Project Options (where C:Dev-C++ is where you installed Dev-C++)
UseI think that has soemthing to do with it, but i can't figure out how to do that. Does anyone know what that means or how i can go about doing this. I was looking around here and saw that i can use system('cls'); to clear the screen but it says it isn't a very good way of doing it. I would rather do it the good way. Thanks for your help.