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Fixed a problem on macOS opening files from the command line that contain spaces. Fixed a problem using the Esc key to cancel certain operations on macOS. Fixed a problem with the hex editor Auto-line width calculation on macOS. Fixed an issue with the version number display in the macOS Finder on some versions of macOS. Jun 12, 2020  0xED, HexEd.it, and Hex Fiend are probably your best bets out of the 7 options considered. 'Responsive' is the primary reason people pick 0xED over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. Professional text and hex editing with Binary Templates technology. Version: 10.0.2, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/2000 File Size: 15.9 MB. Download 010 Editor for macOS: Download 010 Editor for macOS 64-Bit. Version: 10.0.2, macOS 10.7 to 10.15 File Size: 19.6 MB. Older versions of 010 Editor can be downloaded from the.

010 Editor
Developer(s)SweetScape Softare Inc
Initial releaseSeptember 16, 2003; 16 years ago
Stable release
10.0 / December 6, 2019; 6 months ago
Written inC++
Operating systemWindows, Linux, macOS
Available inEnglish
TypeHex editor, Text editor

010 Editor is a commercial hex editor and text editor for Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. Typically 010 Editor is used to edit text files, binary files, hard drives, processes, tagged data (e.g. XML, HTML), source code (e.g. C++, PHP, JavaScript), shell scripts (e.g. Bash, batch files), log files, etc. A large variety of binary data formats can be edited through the use of Binary Templates.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

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The software uses a tabbed document interface for displaying text and binary files. Full search and replace with regular expressions is supported along with comparisons, histograms, checksum/hash algorithms, and column mode editing. Different character encodings including ASCII, Unicode, and UTF-8 are supported including conversions between encodings. The software is scriptable using a language similar to ANSI C.

Originally created in 2003 by Graeme Sweet, 010 Editor was designed to fix problems in large multibeam bathymetry datasets used in ocean visualization. The software was designed around the idea of Binary Templates. A text editor was added in 2008.

010 Editor is available as Trialware and can be run for free for 30 days. Mac os sierra download apple. After 30 days a license must be purchased to continue using the software.

Binary Templates[edit]

A Binary Template is a text file containing a series of structs similar to ANSI C. The main difference between ANSI C is that structs in Binary Templates may contain control statements such as if, for or while. When 010 Editor executes a Binary Template on a binary data file, each variable defined in the Binary Template is mapped to a set of bytes in the binary file and added to a hierarchial tree structure. The tree structure can then be used to view and edit data in the binary file in an easier fashion than using the raw hex bytes. Binary Templates typically have a '.bt' extension.

010 Editor has an online repository of Binary Templates containing over 80 formats. When a binary file is opened in 010 Editor and a Binary Template exists for the file, the software can automatically download and install the Template. Templates can also be added to the repository or updated directly from the software.


Data files in 010 Editor are stored as a series of blocks, where each block can either point to a block of data somewhere on disk or in memory. When a large section of data from a binary file is copied to another binary file, a new block pointer is inserted into the file but the actual data is not copied. This scheme allows partial loading of files from disk and is also used to provide unlimited undo and redo. Currently when large text blocks are opened or copied the data is scanned for linefeeds, meaning there may be a delay before editing can resume. 010 Editor uses the Qt library to provide multi-platform support.


  • Edit text files, hex files, processes, physical and logical drives
  • Multiple files shown as draggable tabs which can be organized in tab groups
  • Large file support (50 GB+ for text files, 8 Exabytes for hex files)
  • Find and Replace with various data types and regular expressions
  • Find and Replace across multiples files
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Column Mode Editing
  • Supports 30 different character encodings (e.g. ASCII, ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8) plus custom encodings and conversions
  • ASCII, Unix, Mac and Unicode linefeed support including visualizing whitespace
  • Comparisons and histograms
  • Inspector for interpreting bytes as different data types
  • Scriptable using a language similar to ANSI C
  • Scripts can be shared online and downloaded using an integrated online repository
  • Syntax highlighters can be created, shared and downloaded through the online repository
  • Bookmarks can be created using different data types
  • Edit NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and HFS drives using templates
  • Checksum/Hash algorithms including CRC-16, CRC-32, Adler32, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, TIGER
  • Import or export hex data in Intel Hex Format, Motorola S-Records, Hex Text, C/C++/Java Code, Base64, Uuencoding, RTF, or HTML
  • Arithmetic and bitwise operations on hex data
  • Printing with header, footer and margin control
  • Integrated debugger for finding problems with Binary Templates and scripts
  • Portable version for running from USB drives
  • Dark and light themes

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Notepad++ may be a free text editor and ASCII text file editor to be used with Microsoft Windows. It supports many languages and tabbed redaction, that permits operating with multiple open files during a single window. origin Project name from operator increases C. However, there square measure few text files that users square measure unable to open victimization Notepad++. however, there square measure plugins for various reasonable formats of text and programming languages that you put in for your Notepad++. one among the numerous plugins is Hex Editor Plugin; used for viewing the text in Hex format.

What is the Hex Editor?

The name ‘Hex’ comes from hex that may be a numerical format for representing binary information. A Hex Editor may be a program that enables you to analyze, read and edit the hex coded files. generally, the user comes across a file that can’t be opened for a reason however you’ll be able to open the get in Hex Editor and most of the files can have data on prime of the file, describing what reasonably file it’s. this may be conjointly used for redaction the sport saved state file and dynamic the changeable feature within the game. Their square measure several Hex Editor packages out there however you’ll be able to use this in Notepad++ too by victimization the plugin for it.

Step 1: Adding Plugin Manager from Github

Plugin Manager may be a plugin itself through that you’ll be able to install, update and take away any offered plugins in Notepad++. however, once the Notepad++ version 7.5, the Plugin Manager plugin was off from the official distributors. the explanation for removing this plugin was thanks to sponsored advertising. Whenever you open this plugin you may see ads on the lowest of windows, thanks to that it absolutely was removed. The constitutional Plugin Manager continues to be ongoing and can be back somewhere within the future.

If you have already got a Plugin Manager in your Notepad++, then skip this methodology. even supposing it’s removed except for currently, you’ll be able to add/install the Plugin Manager manually. To do that, follow the steps below:

Hex Editor For Mac Os 9 Wallpaper

  • First, you wish to travel to the current GitHub link: Plugin Manager
  • You can opt for the 32bit or 64bit nothing file and transfer it
  • Now Extract the nothing file victimization WinRAR and open the extracted folder
  • There will be 2 folders in it, “plugins” and “updater”. each can have one get in every. you wish to repeat files from here to the Notepad++ folders of plugins and updater
  • Locate the Notepad++ folder:

“C:Program FilesNotepad++”

Modio For Mac

  • Now copy files within the folders of the downloaded plugin and paste within the actual folders of Notepad++
  • once repetition files, restart your Notepad++ and Plugin Manager are there currently.

Step 2: putting in the Hex Editor Plugin through Plugin Manager

In this methodology, we are going to be putting in the Hex Editor Plugin into Notepad++ by victimization the Plugin Manager. Plugin Manager is straightforward and sensible for putting in and removing any plugins for Notepad++. On default, the Hex editor isn’t offered on Notepad++ and you can not read text within the style of Hex however once putting in the Hex Editor Plugin, you may be ready to read and get in Hex with none downside. Below square measure the steps of the way to install the Hex Editor Plugin:

Free Hex Editor For Mac

  • Open Notepad++ by double-clicking on the road
  • currently, on the menu bar click “Plugins”
  • choose “Plugin Manager” and so “Show Plugin Manager”
  • This will open a window with the list of plugins offered, hunt for “HEX-Editor”.
  • Click on that and press the “Install” button, it’ll enkindle restart Notepad++ once putting in installing
  • After restarting, currently open the get in Notepad++ that you would like to look at in HEX, like LineInst.exe that we have a tendency to employ in this methodology. you’ll be able to drag and drop on Notepad++
  • When the file is opened, click on Plugins, then HEX-Editor and click on on “View in HEX”
  • This will modification your encoded text into HEX