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In the latest release notes, I saw that Qemu can now run OS X!

In other words, non-Classic Mac OS X games only, if possible. One game I know of for OS X PPC is the famous World of Warcraft, although PPC got restricted to private servers since some years back. There's also Quake 4 and Doom 3, but I haven't enjoyed those at all, from what I have tried.


The installer for 10.4 will run, but it’ll then freak out saying that this model of mac is not supported. Â The ‘working’ cli I’m using is:

ppc-softmmu/qemu-system-ppc -L pc-bios/ -m 256 -M g3beige -hda osx1046.vmdk  -cpu G3 -cdrom Mac OS X Install DVD.toast -boot d


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Sure the colours are off, and it is kind of pokey, but still the more guest OS’s on Qemu, namely for something like the PowerPC. Â If anyone has any better idea of how to fully run OS X on Qemu drop me a note! Â Plus there is additional information on the mailing list.

If you found this individual post from a google search and you are looking for Mac 10.4.11 Tiger games then please click on this link: https://powerpcgaming.wordpress.com The website has a ton of Mac PowerPC 10.4.11 Tiger games, just look through the whole website.

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Powerpc For Mac Os X

So I tried searching for this website on google as if I was someone looking for a game on a Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger.

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I found that even on the eight page after the google search “mac 10.4.11 games” I wasn’t able to find my website. So I’m just gonna add loads of tags :^))) (you probably wont be able to see them if you just see this post on the blog)