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SciPy's recommended (free) Fortran compiler is the one on CRAN's R server, but this has not been updated for Mountain Lion yet. They provide instructions and a script for Building a Universal Compiler, but, again, this hasn't been updated for Mountain Lion yet. G95 The G95 project hasn't had an update since 2010, so I didn't try it. I am not a computer scientist or Fortran guru and, as such, am unlikely to be able to help you with Fortran code, compilation or runtime problems. There are several options available for installing gfortran for Mac OS X, other than installing from source code. A modern Fortran development environment for Apple macOS and Mac OS X. Package includes the GNU Fortran compiler, an advanced code editor, and an integrated debugger for fast and easy installation. Try it free for 30 days! Also available for Windows and GNU/Linux. IBM XL Fortran v.8.1 IBM XL Fortran 8.1 brings a highly efficient, high-quality IDEs and coding tool. Beta preview of the next addition to family of Fortran Compilers! XL Fortran for Mac OS X is based on the proven performance of XL Fortran for.; Pro Fortran Compiler Suite v.9.0 Pro Fortran Compiler Suite 9.0 is a program which is built for Fortran development on Macintosh.


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Hi all,
I'm going to buy a new mac in a week or two and will be looking to do small amounts of programming on it. Currently I am using XP + MS Visual Studio + Intel's Fortran compiler.. I have no experience with working on a mac at all..
Can someone point me in the right direction of a decent, free, Fortran compiler for OS X?
And also, how do you generally go about programming on OS X? What's an easy text editor to link the compiler to, or is there a visual studio (hopefully better!) equivalent for the mac?

OS X Pro Fortran for 2020

Absoft Pro Fortran 2020 provides a complete 64-bit macOS and OS X Fortran compiler solution and supports mixed language development by interfacing with Apple’s Xcode C/C++ compiler.

New in Pro Fortran 2020

  • Full 64-bit package for compatibility with macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Package Apple notarized for enhanced security
  • AbsoftTools enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • LAPACK 3.8 libraries
  • NetCDF 4.7 AbsoftTools plugin

New in Pro Fortran 2019 and later

  • IMSL 2018 support
  • LAPACK 3.7.1 libraries
  • LAPACK 95 libraries
  • Fortran 2003 STREAM I/O
  • OPEN statement NEWUNIT= I/O specifier
  • OPEN statement DECIMAL= I/O specifier
  • OPEN statement SIGN= I/O specifier
  • OPEN statement ENCODING= I/O specifier
  • INQUIRE statement POS= I/O specifier
  • INQUIRE statement DECIMAL= I/O specifier
  • INQUIRE statement SIGN= I/O specifier
  • INQUIRE statement STREAM= specifier
  • READ/WRITE statement BLANK= I/O specifier
  • READ/WRITE statement DECIMAL= I/O specifier
  • READ/WRITE statement DELIM= I/O specifier
  • READ/WRITE statement PAD= I/O specifier
  • READ/WRITE statement POS= I/O specifier
  • READ/WRITE statement SIGN= I/O specifier
  • FORMAT statement DP and DC edit descriptors

Key Features

  • Most complete and easiest to use Fortran solution for OS X- Nothing else to buy
  • Installs and runs on OS X Snow Leopard through macOS Catalina
  • Fully 64-bit package macOS Catalina compatibility
  • Highly optimized code generation for best-of-class performance for 64-bit Intel processors
  • Full Fortran 95 compiler with F2003 and F2008 features
  • Legacy FORTRAN compatibility and workstation extensions
  • Debug and link compatible with the Apple C/C++ compiler included with Xcode and Xcode command-line tools
  • Complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with color programmer’s editor, debugger, and ability to execute select third-party programs as plug-ins.
  • All Pro Fortran compilers can be executed equally well from the IDE or command line
  • AMDAL pre-configured HPC libraries for linear algebra (BLAS, LAPACK), VAX/Unix-compatibility, data access (HDF4, HDF5, NetCDF) and 2D/3D graphics
  • Source compatible versions available for OS X, Windows and Linux – Multi-platform discounts available

Supported F2003/F2008 Features

F2003 /F2008 Features
IEEE Exceptions ModuleISO C BINDING Module
PROTECTED statement/attributePOINTER W/INTENT Attribute
Allocatable Components (partial)Enhanced TYPE Initializers
POINTER bounds remappingempty CONTAINS statement
IOMSG= specifierrecognized ASYNC I/O specifiers
F2003/F2008 Intrinsic Functions

Graphics Programming

The AWE Fortran application framework provides Fast Data Visualization to easily create a variety of plots and charts and also supports the AWE Canvas with graphics primitives such as lines, curves, and rectangles. OpenGL graphics programming is supported through included f90gl and f03gl interface packages. The Absoft Pro Fortran package also contains pre-built versions of a flexible graphics library called PLplot. PLplot can be called from Fortran as well as C/C++ and can create standard x-y plots, semilog plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D plots, mesh plots, bar charts, and pie charts.

OpenMP 3.1 Support

Absoft Pro Fortran provides complete Open MP 3.1 support in the compiler and debugger.

Apple Xcode C/C++ Compiler Support

The AbsoftTools integrated development supports mixed-language programming by integrating the C/C++ compilers included with Apple’s Xcode and Xcode command line tools packages. These compilers are available at no cost from Apple.

System Requirements

  • An Intel CPU based Apple Macintosh system
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4GB free disk space
  • Apple macOS or OS X Operating system
    • macOS Catalina (10.15)
    • macOS Mojave (10.14)
    • macOS High Sierra (10.13)
    • macOS Sierra (10.12)
    • OS X El Capitan (10.11)
    • OS X Yosemite (10.10)
    • OS X Mavericks (10.9)
    • OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
    • OS X Lion (10.7)
    • OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)

Install Fortran On Mac


Extensive product documentation is installed into the /Applications/Absoft20.0/documentaion folder and includes

  • Pro Fortran User Guide
  • Fx3 Debugger User Guide
  • Optimization Guide
  • Absoft Fortran Reference
  • Absoft Unix/VAX Support Library Reference
  • Absoft License Manager Reference

Example Code

Numerous Pro Fortran examples are included and installed into the /Applications/Absoft20.0/examples folder.

Technical Support

Absoft branded products include Premier Technical Support and Initial Software Maintenance at no additional charge from the time of purchase for as long as the purchased version remains the current release version.

Initial Software Maintenance (ISM) includes free electronic downloads of all interim Service Packs and Quick Fixes from Absoft. Version upgrades require a separate purchase but at discounted prices for commercial/government users – Academic users already receive the lowest available price when making an academic purchase.

For further information on available support for current, registered users, see the support section on this site.

Continuing Software Maintenance

At the conclusion of the Initial Software Maintenance term (i.e. when a new version of the purchased product is released) customers may either purchase a Product Upgrade or within 30 days of the new product release, purchase Continuing Software Maintenance for an additional 12-month maintenance term.

Continuing Software Maintenance (CSM) includes all elements of Premier Technical support plus all Product Upgrades issued during the 12-month Continuing Software Maintenance term. Annual renewals of Software Maintenance will be made available at a low-cost to commercial/government customers who renew within their unexpired Maintenance term – Academic users already receive the lowest available price when making an academic purchase.

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Mac Os Gfortran

For users electing not to renew Continuing Software Maintenance and having expired maintenance terms but later wishing to rejoin CSM, Reinstatement Software Maintenance (RSM) terms may be purchased.