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Sep 26, 2019 ssh-keygen -t rsa. This starts the key generation process. When you execute this command, the ssh-keygen utility prompts you to indicate where to store the key. Press the ENTER key to accept the default location. The ssh-keygen utility prompts you for a passphrase. Type in a passphrase. You can also hit the ENTER key to accept the default (no passphrase). Another solution, enhancing security while making it easier on you, so you don't have to type your password all the time: if you want to encrypt your private key, you can use ssh-agent on your workstation to 'cache' the unencrypted key. When you want to store your decrypted key, you run ssh-add /.ssh/idrsa or whatever your private key is named. You will be prompted for the password, and the.

recently upgraded my MacOS Sierra and now ssh command keep asking for passphrase as follows when I try to login to my remote Linux/Unix server:
Enter passphrase for key ‘/Users/vivek/.ssh/id_ed25519’:
How do I fix MacOS Sierra upgrade that keep breaking ssh keys in terminal?
My MacOS used to remember the ssh passphrase, but now it is asking it to me each time when I try to login to local FreeBSD nas server or remote Ubuntu server when I type:
$ ssh [email protected]
$ ssh [email protected]

Sample outputs:
Let us see how to fix the MacOS sierra upgrade breaking my SSH keys using various methods.

Method #1: Fix when macOS keeps asking ssh passphrase after updated to Sierra or after reboots

You need to use the UseKeychain option in your ~/.ssh/config file. From the ssh_config man page:

On macOS, specifies whether the system should search for passphrases in the user’s keychain when attempting to use a particular key. When the passphrase is provided by the user, this option also specifies whether the passphrase should be stored into the keychain once it has been verified to be correct. The argument must be yes or no. The default is no.

This is the easiest and recommended solution for all users. Edit your ~/.ssh/config file:
$ vi ~/.ssh/config
Append the following line in Host * section:

Here is my sample file:

Save and close the file. This should force ssh to remember user’s key in the keychain:
$ ssh [email protected]
$ ssh [email protected]

Method #2: Use ssh-agent/ssh-add to add all known keys to the SSH agent

The syntax is as follows to use SSH Keys on a Linux / Unix / MacOS System:

Method #3: Use keychain

OpenSSH offers RSA and DSA authentication to remote systems without supplying a password. keychain is a special bash script designed to make key-based authentication incredibly convenient and flexible. It offers various security benefits over passphrase-free keys.

Install the keychain as follows:

$ brew install keychain
Sample outputs:

Append the following code in your ssh profile (assuming that you are using id_rsa file):

See “keychain: Set Up Secure Passwordless SSH Access For Backup Scripts” for more info.

How do I change OpenSSH passphrase for one of my private keys under Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Apple OS X or Unix like operating systems?
You need to use the ssh-keygen command to generates, change manages and converts authentication keys for ssh. You should the see following files at $HOME/.ssh or ~/.ssh directory i.e. /home/you/.ssh/. You can use the ls -l $HOME/.ssh/ command to see the following files:

=> id_dsa : DSA authentication identity of the user


Mac Forgot Ssh Passphrase

=> id_dsa.pub : DSA public key for authentication

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=> id_rsa : RSA authentication identity of the user

Ssh Key Generation Linux

=> id_rsa.pub : RSA public key for authentication

Changing a Passphrase with ssh-keygen

The -p option requests changing the passphrase of a private key file instead of creating a new private key. The program will prompt for the file containing the private key, for the old passphrase, and twice for the new passphrase. Use -f {filename} option to specifies the filename of the key file. For example, change directory to $HOME/.ssh. Open the Terminal app and then type:
$ cd ~/.ssh/

To change DSA passphrase, enter:
$ ssh-keygen -f id_dsa -p

To change RSA passphrase, enter:
$ ssh-keygen -f id_rsa -p
Sample outputs:

  • See ssh-keygen(1) man page for information on command line options.