Factory Reset Iphone 5s On 3utools

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IPSW file is the raw iOS software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, which is normally used in iTunes to install iOS firmware. And iTunes utilizes the IPSW file format to store iOS firmware to restore any device to its original state. In the following, we will show you how to install iOS manually with IPSW. Dec 04, 2018  How to Restore a Disabled iPhone Using 3uTools? Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable, put your iDevice into Recovery/DFU mode so that 3uTools can detect it. Step 2: C lick “Flash & JB' → Easy flash” → select the available iOS firmware for your iPhone→ click “Flash”. Note: Do not. Oct 16, 2017  How to backup and restore iPhone without iTunes using 3utools Restore Your iOS Device in a More Simple Way. 6/ 6 / plus, 5s, 5c,5, 4s,4 (reset to factory settings. FLASH IPHONE 5S IOS 11 AND. Jul 12, 2018  For iPhone 6s or earlier or iPad: Firstly hold the Home button, and then the Power button. Continue holding them for about 4 seconds after the screenbecome blank, and then release the Power button. Keep holding the Home button till 3uTools detects an iOS device in DFU mode. For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: 1. Open 3uTools and connect your device with.

If you enter the wrong passcode on an iOS device many times, your iDevice will be locked out and a message will show you that the iDevice is disabled. Unless you made a backup before you this operation, there is no way to save your iDevice’s data.


This tutorial is mainly about how to restore a disabled iPhone using 3uTools.


Warm prompt:

* If the disabled iPhone is in Normal Mode, 3uTools can not detect it, so please enter your iPhone in Recovery mode/DFU mode before flash.

* If your iPhone is disabled, you can not back up the data on iPhone.

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How To Restore Iphone 5s Using 3utools

* This method can not bypass iCloud lock.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable, put your iDevice into Recovery/DFU mode so that 3uTools can detect it.

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Step 2: Click “Flash & JB' Easy flash” → select the available iOS firmware for your iPhone→ click “Flash”.

Note: Do not select “ Retain User’s Data While Flashing”.

Restore Iphone Using 3utools

Step 3: 3uTools will automatically download the firmware and flash your iPhone, you just need to wait until this process ends. Besides, please keep a good connection between your iPhone and PC.

Step 4: After this process is completed, please activate your iDevice using 3uTools or manually.

How To Restore Iphone 5s With 3utools

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