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And Japanese people take it seriously with strawberries. Seasonal foods, fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc., are very important for their everyday life there. Because there is an abundance of a particular food in a short period of time during the year, they celebrate with it well. Jun 30, 2017  Background Music For Cooking Videos Royalty Free - Commercial Use BUY THIS MUSIC FOR VIDEOS: This royalty free music works great as background music for cooking.

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The Japanese music culture is rich with beautiful melodies and lyrics. Elements such as nature and nostalgia are often explored with traditional Japanese music (known as hōgaku), and Japan’s artists have brought this refined musical aesthetic to virtually every other genre.

Cooking Music Video

Soothing Japanese songshave become a favorite for listeners around the globe,and those looking to learn the language can use these tunes to pick up vocabularyand expressive phrases. In doing so, you’ll also come to more deeply appreciate the rich culture and history of Japan.

Download japanese cooking music youtube

Download Japanese Cooking Music Youtube

Japan’s culture is a fusion of traditional and modern. This is especially evident in the music scene, which includes a vast array of artists who perform everything from J-Pop, J-Punk,and jazzy hip hop beatsto sad Japanese folk songson traditional instruments such as the koto.

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We’ve brought together some examples of thetop Japanese songs of all timeso you can discover your new favoritein the genre!

5 Famous Soothing Japanese Songs

Download Japanese Cooking Music

1. “Tegami (Haikei Jūgo no Kimi e)

“Letter: Greetings to a 15 Year Old” was written and performed by Angela Aki. The lyrics are instructions to a 15-year-old on how to appreciate and make the most of life.

This Japanese song urges the teenager to believe in herself during hard times. It tells her that, since there’s no point in running away from sorrow, she should smile and live in the present.

The final lyric, Shiawase na koto wo negaimasu, means “I wish you happiness.”

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2. “Yuki no Hana

“Snow Flower” by Mika Nakashima is one ofthe top karaoke songs in Japanand has been remade by many artists around the globe.

The lyrics of this Japanese song are quite sentimental as they describe how one might feel watching the first snowfall with a loved one.

3. “Minna Yume no Naka

The lyrics in Kyoko Takada’s calming ballad are about being gracious over a lost love. The song reflects the Japanese aesthetic of yugen, which expresses that life is boring when everything is known.

Loosely translated as “mysterious,” this Japanese song implies that some things should be held back.

4. “Ringo Oiwake

This famous enka song (anemotional, and at timessad, Japanese folk songstyle) has been performed by many artists, with Hibari Misora’s version being the most famous.

The song tells of a girl from Tsugaru who experiences a sad farewell on an evening when apple blossoms fell. It’s later revealed that the goodbye was with her mother, and this is the reason for the girl’s melancholy every year when the blossoms drop.

Many famous Japanese songs reflect shibui (subtleness), and this is a great example.

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5. “Nanatsu no Ko

The lyrics to this popular kindergarten song were written by Ujō Noguchi, one of Japan’s preeminent nursery rhyme authors. The melody was composed by Nagayo Motoori. Its simple lyrics are translated:

“Mother crow, why do you cry so?
‘Because I have seven cute children
high on the mountain.’

‘Kawai kawai’ this mother crow cries.
‘Kawai kawai’ cries the mother crow.

You should behold the old nest
on the mountain. And there you’ll see such
round-eyed, good children.”

Did you know the Japanese word for music, ongaku, is a combination of the words for “sound” and “enjoyment”? It’s easy to discover how enjoyable this music can be. Add these tunes to your own playlist to broaden your musical horizons and find a newway to love Japanese songs. Musicians from Japan continue to push the envelope and reinvent these famous melodies, so keep anear out for new versions of these classics.

Cooking Music Mp3

AnotherWay to Love Japanese Songs

If you want to appreciate thesesoothing Japanese songsin an even deeper way,Japanese language lessons can help.Aside from total immersion, private lessons are the best way to sharpen your understanding of spoken Japanese, along with the written forms of hiragana, katakana, and kanji.Your teacher may even be able to help you sing some of thesetop Japanese songs of all time!

It’s no secret that learning a language is easier when there’s a fun song to sing. One of the best parts of learning Japanese is discovering the shows, movies, and songs of Japan, some of which may have inspired you to learn the language in the first place. The more you listen and sing along to Japanese music, the better your language comprehension will become!

We hope you’ve enjoyed singing along to these beautiful lyrics and melodies. Do you have another favorite Japanese song you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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